June 30, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

not my picture.. stolen from google!

I've always had a thing for airports. I love everything about them. They're filled with emotion.. good and bad... and anticipation.

I love walking through an airport and seeing people from all different walks of life. I like to take the time to look at as many people as I can and imagine what their story is. Are they flying across the country to visit a long distance lovah? Going to see their favorite relative that they haven't seen in years? A young girl, perhaps, going away for the first time ever to start a new and exciting life for herself? A soldier flying home to see his family for the first time in a year?

And if I get really lucky, I get to see some of those reunions as I'm walking through security and on towards baggage. Love seeing those faces full of anticipation, bouncing up and down, trying to get that first glimpse of their loved one. Or even better, that long run to each other, dropping the bags and finally.. the embrace. I just plain love it!

The last house we lived in in SC was about 5 minutes away from the local airport. The planes flew over us all the time and sometimes felt like they just may land on our roof. Annoying one might ask? Not to us. We loved it and I was even comforted by it. Sometimes we would sit outside and just wait for them to fly over.

Now, I consider myself lucky enough to again live pretty close to an airport. We don't hear them from our house, but on any one of my frequent trips on post, I always see a plane landing or taking off. It never fails to make my heart smile. Now, it means even more to me. With us being so far away from family, those planes are my lifeline to them. Now, when I see a plane landing, it takes me back to just a few months ago when I flew home and my dad picked me up from the airport. I remember the anticipation of finding him through the crowd and the smile on both of our faces (well on mine.. I believe his first words upon seeing me were calling me a "turkey" because I spotted him as soon as he walked in the door) when we did meet up. The look on his face when he noticed my belly for the first time and said, "Oh my God, just wait until your mother sees you".
Or coming back home to my husband waiting for me at security after said visits home (yes I call both places home.. SC and wherever Trey happens to be.. and hell.. I even refer to Massachusetts as home!) and seeing his face and giving him that great big hug. He's lost and miserable without me with him.. it's true.. ask him.

Now, I see those planes and it takes me back to that special place. I can't wait until my next trip to the airport. The month of August/September will be filled with a couple of them. This time our families will have a new little boy to meet. I cannot wait.


Annie said...

I totally hear you. Airports/airplanes are really cool like that. The story about your Dad is really cute! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. :) I will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning as a matter of fact - and by tomorrow afternoon I will be in my solider's arms. I haven't be able to hug him in 8 weeks. This is our "half way through AIT" visit. Then in 8 more weeks we will be living together again. :) :)

Anonymous said...

...didn't proof read before I posted - whoops. Don't judge me, I am just too excited about tomorrow. haha

Yollie27 said...

I'm totally with you when it comes to airports/airplanes. I just love them.I love your blog.

Steph said...

Obviously airplanes me a lot to me too. Sometimes I sit out on the deck at night and watch them fly over.

JG said...

I love airports, too. I always make up background stories for the people waiting in the terminal. :) And I love seeing the troops flying. They are always asleep all over the terminal in the weirdest positions! It cracks me up :)

C. E. Welch said...

you would love living in my neighborhood here on post. constantly have planes flying over head. sometimes very loud and obnoxious. i'm learning to ignore it most of the time.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I LOVE airports. LOVE.