June 14, 2010

300 :)

I just happened to notice that this is my 300th post!! Crazy! I'm ashamed to say that I'm not one to stick with very many things once I start them (you know.. diets, exercise programs, different hobbies) and I never thought blogging would be the one to stick. In September it will be 2 years that I'm been on this blogging train.. yes I went and checked the date. It started as a curiosity when a co-worker started one. I didn't have any intention to start my own, but I was reading others and soon enough I found myself invested in complete strangers lives. I started to feel like a total creeper and soon worked up the courage to start my very own blog. I didn't think I'd have anything to talk about.. ppshh.. I should have known better. Now I'm here at my 300th post, I have some girls out there all around the country world who I consider real friends, this blog has followed me through now two major life changes, it's seen my ups and downs and has helped to keep family and friends connected when I feel so far away. I'd say it's been a good ride so far!

We had a great weekend here in El Paso! First of all - it wasn't in the triple digits. Can I get an Amen?? Second of all - my Uncle Ronnie is home from the hospital!! Yaayyy... thank you so much for all of your prayers.. they truly did help! Turns out he had a small stroke in the middle of the night, and while seizing, flipped over and was suffocated by his pillow. Thankfully, both of his sons are trained heroes and my cousin Kenny was the first one to get there. He performed CPR and saved his dad - Thank God for him! I cannot express how much I love my family. I know.. everyone says that.. but seriously? These people are awesome. They have the best personalities. Once he was awake in the hospital, the humor started. Apparently, he was serenaded by a room full of people on his first night out of his coma, to songs like, You're as cold as ice and Back in the saddle again. That's just one thing I love about my family - every single one of them will be there for a shoulder to cry on for.. mmmm.. about 5 minutes maybe - but then you'll be laughing so hard along with the tears and as long as you're together, nothings too big to handle.

Sooo.. anyways.. got a little carried away on that subject. Other highlights from the weekend:

We did some work around the house. I am almost box free! Drew's room is a lot less cluttered as I spent a good 3-4 hours starting to get it organized on Saturday. I washed his clothes for up to 3 months and now have some of them hanging in his closet :) All we need now furniture wise is the crib (which should be coming soon.. big shot out to mum and dad), the bedding, and a dresser. I can't even think about all else we still need without having a slight panic attack, so lets not go there.

We got together with some new friends Saturday night for game night and had a great time.

Tried a new church out Sunday morning. I can't say that we'll be going back. Let's just say it was VERY contemporary. Too much so. And for me to say that, you know it was pretty far out there. I felt like I was in a Will Ferrell movie. We couldn't see a thing when we walked in it was so dark. The band was completely rocking out on stage, smoke, neon lights, and crazy guy on the electric guitar included. The sermon was great, but all we could do was laugh when we got back in the truck... not quite our cup of tea.

Went to a pool party/cookout Sunday afternoon. It's the second time we've hung out with this group of people and I big time heart them. We're now becoming facebook friends so it's pretty official. Not to mention - it felt awesome to be in that pool and be weightless.

And most exiting part of my weekend - I got the cutest package from my mum! I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL. Especially when they come with little notes everywhere. Great job mum!

A little onsie for Drew to wear on Labor Day... he just better be here by Labor Day is all I have to say about that. Then it occurred to me that my family will probably be here to celebrate Labor Day.. do you know how happy that makes me??? Hello, grillin out and good times!Clearly she is a little silly. She loves Deadliest Catch and Captain Phil's death was a little hard on her. So here we have a set of PJ's with crabs on them apparently in memory of Capt. Phil...Patriotic solar lights to put in our rocks yard for the 4th of July. I can't wait to use them!


JG said...

I love the clothes from your mom! Too cute!

The first church we tried here was like that. It felt like it was made for teenagers. And then the pastor...yeah, he pretty much just stood there and talked about himself. Didn't even say the word "Jesus." Not once. Is this a church????

JG said...

And oh yeah, congrats on 300!

The Mitchells said...

WOW! Thinking of labor day got me all excited! We wil be done with AIT in Virginia, and off somewhere new!!! :) YAY! ***Praying not Korea***

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your 300th post! I always forget to pay attention to how many I've written, I've missed all my "birthdays" so far.

That was so sweet of your mom. And that crab outfit for Capt. Phil is too cute.

Shayla said...

I love all the clothes!!!!!!!

those notes and onesies are too cute :)

woohoo for no triple digits :)

and i am so thrilled to hear about your uncle doin well :)

The Neffs said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. His closet is coming along well. So cute! Hope your feeling good.