July 6, 2009


I'm back at home now and the past couple of days were even better than I pictured them being.

First of all ~ I got there uneventfully. Yay!! Just in case you have forgotten, my last tripped down involved me getting escorted to my hotel my MP's. Remember that near death experience?? Nothing like that this time. Ok ok. I may have veered off track for about 20 minutes on my way down, but I quickly and calmly corrected myself. Imagine my delight when I got a text from Trey letting me know that they were getting released that night :) So we had Thursday night until I left today around 12:30 of uninterrupted time together (minus his CQ duty from 6-8am Saturday morning, but rest assured I was sound asleep through all that, so it didn't really matter). It's a little late and I am exhausted, but since I'm in complete denial about going back to work tomorrow anyway, why not do a little recap, shall we? I'll have to save pics for tomorrow though.

Thursday night ~ headed out to the gas station to get a few brewskies. I looked past the fact that he wanted beer in his system immediately instead of immediately devouring me with kisses only because he had been in a field sleeping on a parka for the past week. And I also had no doubt that I'd get plenty of the sweet kisses in. Anywho... we took our beverages by the pool and stayed up for hours getting reacquainted with each other. It always feels so weird at first. Weird in a completely good way though. Like a first date with your high school crush weird.

Friday ~ slept in *this will be a pattern* I think we went out and grabbed an early lunch, then went on post to take care of the yuck stuff he had to do... figured we'd get that out of the way (laundry and going to the PX to buy stuff he needed to go back out to the field). It was then that I realized the huge firework display on post I was so much looking forward to took place the weekend before for some crazy reason. Not one to give up though, I scoured the newspapers and found another place that was putting on a show. After taking care of that stuff, we went back to the hotel and got some pool time in. I, of course, got ourselves involved with some real winners (I say that very sarcastically) from PA. I won't even get into that right now, I'll just say I was not a fan of them! That night we met one of his good buddies and his fiance for dinner. I really like them both ~ good thing too since they're coming to Ft. Sill for FA as well! He seemed pretty funny and her very very sweet :) After we left them, hubs and I went for some ice cream and then called it a night.. pretty low key!

Saturday ~ slept in :) worked out, which was much needed seeing as how we ate enough food to feed his entire company this weekend. Ate lunch at McAllisters. Yum. Went to the Infantry Museum. I cannot say enough about this place. It was amazing. I couldn't believe the detail that went into that. I'll post more about it with the pictures tomorrow, but wow. If you ever have the chance to go, please do! They have one room completely dedicated to the family of soldiers and I'm not ashamed to admit that it literally brought me to tears. It was all very emotional.
That night we headed down to the Riverwalk, where the firework display was being held. We planned on just grabbing something to eat there, but found a restaurant on the way that just looked to tempting. I'm so glad we stopped there. It was perfect! We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the *surprisingly* beautiful weather, ate delish food, had a couple fruity for me, very manly for him drinks, and just enjoyed each other's company. After awhile of that we walked down and got the perfect spot to enjoy the fireworks. They were beautiful! There was a stage off to the left of us where people were singing songs like, God Bless America, American Soldier, etc.. while the fireworks were going off. It was a pretty surreal moment and I, again, got a little emotional. I was just thinking about all the men and women that weren't home to enjoy this, and all the families that were home enjoying it without their soldier there with them. And I couldn't help but think that I may not have Trey there with me to see this next year. It was beautiful though, and again, pictures tomorrow.

Sunday ~ Very low key day. Food of course. Lots of walking around doing some window shopping. Saw The Proposal at the movie theater. This movie is hilarious!! We were both laughing almost the entire time :)

Today ~ :(
It was a lot harder to leave him this time than the rest. Which i'm sure was because we haven't been able to spend that much time together in a long long time.

Only 28 more days until I see him again though. And that time he'll be coming home with me :) At least for a couple of days until he goes to OK. It will, at least, be the end of OCS.

*Im proud to say that I have caught up on all of your blogs. Yes, I love you too. I'll get back to my regular commenting self soon*


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you made it there and back safely! That's so great that you got to spend that time with him. That's great that he'll be home in a month!!!!

Red and White Preppy said...

Yayyyyy for seeing the Hubs...and then he's coming home to be with you in just 28 days :)
There is always mention of those who serve our country on days like July 4th, but on a personal note, I would like to extend a thank you to YOU for supporting your loved one during this time! I know from reading your blog that the lifestyle isn't easy, but all the men who honor our country today and in the past wouldn't have been where they are without their loved ones...so THANK YOU!

Heather said...

Sounds like you had a great time.I can't wait to see pictures! :)

lola said...

I can't wait to visit the new infantry museum! :)

Sounds like a fantastic few days -- I hope the 28 days flies by!

Mrs R said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. It is always harder than the last time to say goodbye. It doesn't ever seem to get easier.