July 26, 2009

Another Weekend Recap

Honestly I am in no mood to post something right now, so I probably shouldn't, but for some strange reason feel like I should anyways. Is that bad? I mainly just don't feel like I have much to say. It was a pretty uneventful weekend so I really won't even touch much on it. I'll just say a little something about my favorite part of the weekend:
Dinner Friday night with my friends Chris & Julianne at the best little Mexican restaurant around here. I had chicken fajita nachos. YUM!! I always really enjoy myself with them, but I did even more so this weekend. We've been very close for years now (I met them when I met Trey have been inseparable ever since). Julianne and I, especially, have been BFF's since day 1. We can go to each other with everything and sit and talk for hours. Lately, I feel like life's little day-to-day hassles (you know like her being pregnant... me handling life on my own) have gotten in the way of that and we haven't had much time for "us" time. But Friday was great! We sat outside and talked for a long time and it was extremely refreshing to me... much needed! She is definitely one that I'll have a hard time being away from. *Hi Julz.. I know you're reading this. Hope that wasn't very awkward for you to read. You have your own little shot out.. hope you like*
Saturday I got a TON of errands done... Babies R Us for the above mentioned pregnant girl, Barnes & Noble to grab "dog training for dummies" (yes, I will actually read this), Dillard's to return ugly green caterpillar dress, Rita's to pick up a refreshing italian ice, then to my parents house to spend some QT with the fam. I got to talk to my grandmother while I was over there so that was great. Mum talked to her first and whenever she gave me the phone, the first thing my gma said was, "your mother asks too many damn questions. I had to get off the phone with her". Ha! Gotta love that woman! She sounded okay. Just very tired. She's in the nursing home now and she hopes to start some PT on Monday. She's been laying around for 10 days and really wants to get moving. She said she just hopes her body cooperates with her mind. I'll see her in 5 days and I cannot wait!!

Oh yeah, btw, I'm leaving for Massachusetts Thursday, coming home Sunday night, driving to Columbus Monday, coming home WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!! Thursday. So I may be will be MIA for awhile. I hope you still all love me dearly when I get back! Don't forget about me :)

That's all for now. You got one more thrilling day's description than I said I was going to do. Off to watch Army Wives (love love love)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you got to hang out with friends! Be safe traveling!

lola said...

Fajita nachos sound delish!

Enjoy your travels and your time with your husband!

Brittany said...

Yay go pick him up and love every minute of your trip! BE SAFE!!!

Teresa said...

Many days I am just not in the mood too to blog.

Have safe travels! :)

Mrs R said...

I dont wanna blog a lot sometimes too so I don't. Have fun on your trip!!!