May 19, 2009

So Maybe I See Where He's Coming From..

You know it's bad when you start getting on your own nerves!! But can do nothing about it. It's sad really.
I have this cup issue... I know... this may be a freakishly insane slightly weird post.

I cannot bring myself to drink out of the same cup once.. or twice at the most. This would drive hubs insane on a daily basis. Because not only will I not reuse it, but I have a tendency to leave them all over the house as well. I'm constantly drinking something and usually while walking around the house will just take my glass with me. He would walk around huffing and puffing *and maybe cursing me under his breath* while collecting all the glasses always wondering "why can't you just reuse the same damn cup". I don't know why girls.. I really can't explain it. I try to make myself, start to have very illogical thoughts about the Crystal light going bad that was left in it, or what if a bug flew in it (and clearly contaminated it).. spaz out, and just grab a new one. I've given up trying to justify it ok.. it's just my thing.
Wellll now he's not here to collect my scattered cups. I would have cleaned them up myself, but I guess I just never noticed it because there was always a clean one in the cabinet. Now I go to reach for one and there may or may not be a fresh, clean cup waiting on me. So I have to go around the house, cursing myself under my own breath, and load the dishwasher up. It's sad when you have to run the dishwasher with only the top shelf filled.

It's the little things you miss while he's gone. I miss my cup collector!
Stay tuned tomorrow for my strange bedtime rituals...


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

HA HA HA! I do the same thing but I do collect them at the end of the day:p I'm not weird about it though. I can use the same glass but most of the time do not:p Sorry about missing that pep-talk on Monday! I was out huffing and puffing my way through a bad 1.5 miles, ick...Tomorrow should be better I hope!

Jon and Steph said...

OH my gosh too funny! We might be the same exact person in that respect, I do the same thing and my husband always laughs at me. But I'm sure he's like STOP LEAVING CUPS ALL OVER THE PLACE! They're everywhere and always half empty!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this!

Just Ask Beth said...

You are clearly in need of some serious meds!! I hate to think he is going through all of this Army training to come home and be your Damn cup collector!! LOL!

Heather said...

I do the same thing. Only when I finish one, it gets put in the sink (no dishwasher at my house). So then I wind up with a sink full of cups and none clean to drink out of. I totally understand the "might be contaminated" thing!
Great use of the strike through text!! :)