May 10, 2009

Shot Out to My Mama!

And all the other mama's out there really.. but especially to mine. I've done a full post before on all of the reasons I love my mum *and if I knew how to link back to a previous blog I would.. help* but it being mothers day and all I feel the need to express my infatuation with her just a little more...
  • She supports me in every decision I make.. whether she agrees or not... she'll let me make my own mistakes
  • For loving me unconditionally even though I was the most awful brat to her growing up (mum.. we don't need any comments regarding how much you agree with me here)
  • She's silly and likes to laugh a lot.. just like me so we have fun together
  • She's an amazing cook
  • She LOVES her family
  • She's pretty fond of my husband which means a lot to me
  • She's my best friend and I can talk to her about anything

I really hope she had an especially good day today. She's a little down with not being able to hear from my brother today. She thought for sure that the Drill Sargeants will let him call home seeing as how it is Mothers Day. She sadly found out that that's not the case!

A little conclusion I came to today.... ready for this... are you sitting down? This is big for me...

The thought of having a little bun in the oven of my very own doesn't send me into convulsions, curling up in a ball, shaking with anxiety anymore. Maybe just the nostalgic feeling of being with that hunk of a husband of mine over the weekend? Maybe I just got caught up in the whole Mothers Day scene? Or maybe all the adorable baby clothes I saw at Target? Whatever it was, something put a fresh battery in that clock of mine.. I'm just sayin

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Ashleigh said...

haha yay! i know, that thought doesnt send me into convulsions anymore either. dont think im quite where you are though. I can't picture a baby in our lives right now.
But I will thoroughly enjoy yours!! Have one soon! Like after he gets back from Benning!