May 17, 2009

Busy Week Ahead, but...

it will all pay off! i'll be leaving Friday to go see the hubs!!! (well i'm like 95% sure of that at least) I've tried to not get my hopes up, but who am I kidding. The forever optimist here. A 3-day weekend.. what??? So excited. There will be a couple times that he has to go on Fort for some reason or another through-out the weekend but I'm sure I can keep myself occupied during that time. Trey keeps reminding me that they very well may take this privilege away from him, but on Memorial Day.. really.. i don't see that happening. So it's official.. my hopes are up and in my mind I'm already there. Have any plans Mrs. GI Joe???

Now if I can only get through this week..
Monday: (remember working until 5 is a given throughout the week)
gym and grocery store
Tuesday: dinner with my friends C & J
Wednesday: gym
Thursday: hopefully a date night with my SIL, then packing. If not I'll just go straight home to pack.
Friday: I'll get through what I'm sure will be a torturous day at work and then off to see my lova until Monday!

Today was not meant for me to get the mulching finished. I tried.. I really did. Steve and I cleared out the rest of the beds (minus one little section in the back). Jump in the car to go to Lowes and here's where the day's adventure begins. Typical day in the life of me...
  1. took 26W instead of 26E, so we had to turn around
  2. go all the way to the wrong end of Harbison, had to turn around again. Should've taken a left instead of a right.
  3. Go to Home Depot.. not Lowes.. find the perfect mulch, load up 10 bags of that crap, wait 10 minutes in line, go to pay... guess whose debit card is nowhere to be found.. uh huh.. left it at home
  4. Go home and eat lunch.. pick up said debit card.. go to a Lowe's that is much closer.
  5. Pull in the parking lot. The torrential downpours figured they'd show up at the same time. Thanks.
  6. Decide to go in anyway being the trooper I am and all.. get soaked because mulch is not kept under a ceiling apparently.
  7. Can't find the perfect match to my red mulch. But they had it at the other store right? Oh, what's that you say Steve? We were at Home Depot.. not Lowes.

I gave up at that point. I can take a hint. I should've realized it wasn't meant to be at number 2.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

UGGG! Why couldn't if have been this week! I have a three day starting tomorrow:p Not sure about next weekend. I know I work Saturday for sure, but might have Sunday off. I'll let you know! But please, do not let me intrude on you and your hubbys time together, I would feel so aweful!Hope we can make it happen! That'd just rock:p

Ashleigh said...

that is so exciting!! are yall just gonna stay in a hotel or something?

Jon and Steph said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always love new followers ;)

Shannon said...

First off, congrats to your hubby for beginning the awesome experience of OCS. Secondly, hi there! :) So glad you stopped by my blog! I love "meeting" new Army Wives via blog world and it's nice to know that we are in a similar situation. I'm here if you have any fiance starts BOLC II in on June 7th back at Ft. Benning so I'm sure I will be making many more trips down there soon. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you :)