May 28, 2009

Early Anniversary for Me!

I knew to expect a box in the mail today ~ but to be honest ~ I completely forgot about it until I got home and saw it sitting there. I promised myself I'd wait until June 2nd (our 2 year anniversary) so I just put the box down and went about my business. When Trey called I let him know that the box arrived safely. I'm pretty sure he could here the excitement in my voice and he knows how I am with surprises. i love them but can barely stand them. So he told me to go ahead and open it. Who am I to argue with my husbands demands??
Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.
I didn't get jewelry. Or anything very materialistic. (which, trust me, I'm not snubbing my nose at.. I'd love love love that too) but what I did get were the most thoughtful things he could have came up with right now.
First thing I saw was a Army bear. So cute with his little ACU's on and barae (sp?). I love it. Then proud Army Wife yellow ribbon magnet to go on my car. THEN.... my favorite part. I'll have to show a picture for you to get the full effect. This plaque thing to hang on the wall. It's pained like the American flag and says "the norton family" on it. Above that it says "home is where the Army sends us" . Below all that you can hang little pieces on it showing where you've been. He's started it already. The first one being Columbia, SC of course with little wedding bells with our wedding date on it. Then Fort Jackson with his specialist rank. Then Ft. Benning with the OCS symbol on it. LOVE IT. I can't wait to find the perfect place to put it. And the two cards he sent with it.. priceless!
Can't wait to get on the road tomorrow to see him <3 Not so much looking forward to the 5 hour drive but hey...


Heather said...

How sweet! Those were really thoughtful gifts! Happy early anniversary!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Those are definitely meaningful gifts! I love the teddy with the ACU's image I have in my head:p Hope your having a great weekend with your hunny!