May 9, 2009

100th Post!!!

So that definitely snuck up on me! But what better way to celebrate than to recap the last two and 1/2 days of my life :) It was nothing short of perfect. I'll sum it up a little bit but will let lots of pics speak for themselves.
Thursday was Family Day. The speech was great.. goosebumps great.. emotional and very exciting. All of my very illogical fears were proved to be worthless. It was like we never left each other at all. I know its only been a little over two months and a lot of people deal with much more than that. But it was our first time being apart.. so I really didn't know what to expect. We took lots of pics, had lunch at the golf course with his family, had some alone time together and went to the pond.. walked some trails.. snuck lots of kisses in ;). He showed me his barracks and we took most of his stuff to the car. Met back with his family at the PX, did a little shopping, had dinner. That sat and canoodled on a bench until he had to be back.

Me and my SIL waiting for everything to start

They had to stay in formation until we went to find them. I knew he was in that last group somewhere!
I couldn't help myself! I was physically shaking with excitement at this time. He wasn't far from it!

Friday morning was the actual graduation. A lot more people came to that. Everyone was so excited to see him and I know that made him feel very good and that everything he has been through was worth it. He was even more excited to drive off of that fort at the end of everything and go have lunch and a real restaurant! We were lucky enough that he didn't have to report to Benning until this afternoon, so after lunch we go to go home and he got to spend the night in his own bed.. even if just for one night. We did have to go out for a bit. While we were out shopping, someone came up to him and shook his hand and thanked him. He was pretty flustered by that.. I think that's going to take some time to sink in for him and a lot of getting used to!

The band marching by
*The picture all the way to the left is with 4 of our closest friends*

My living room floor while packing for Benning.. Eeekks!

And he's ready to go. I'd rather my floor look permanently like the 2 pics above :(

I was so worried that things wouldn't be the same between us, or that we'd be awkward together. I was far off. It's like we never left each other. I know there will be some difficult times to come, but I have to say... I am more proud of my husband that I can put into words. And when I look at him, I know I love him more than I ever have in my entire life. And can I just add here that I have never seen him look hotter :)
I miss him incredibly already, but this time feels like it will be easier. He'll be gone for 14 more weeks, but will have more freedom. We'll get to talk more and he'll have some free weekends (we think). And I know that we can make it through anything.
I'm letting myself have today to sleep, watch TV, and eat bad foods. Back to the grind tomorrow.. but for now.. it's nap time!


Megan said...

Aww, so happy everything turned out great for you guys. Awesome pictures!!

KLC said...

Yay I'm so glad you had such a great time! Love the pics! Xoxo

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Awe! So happy for you both and your great two days! Ya'll are so cute:p great pictures, ands totally what our apartment looks like when Robert has to pack for something...Wow, I didn't realize that your hubby was going to be gone for that long! Well if you ever drive down here to see him, we should all go out to dinner sometime! Are ya'll being stationed in SC?

Ashleigh said...

so happy for you two! it looks like you had a great, happy time :)

Julie Q said...

congrats on teh 100th post and these pictures are so nice!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Congrats on the graduation. What a fabulous thing... You will find strength you never knew you had while he is away