February 1, 2009

When mama's not happy..

Noone is!!

I got a very upset phone call from my mother right after the half time special. Being the big time Boss fan that she is.. she was stoked to here her some Born in the USA. That being said.. he didn't sing it. She was none too happy to say the least.

Mum: I mean really.. how do you not play Born in the USA at the Super Bowl.
Me: I don't know mum.. what are you gonna do.. go right him a letter expressing your anger.
Mum: Nope.. I want you on the blog writing a post about that. I bet you won't be the only one.
Dad (in background): Noone else will blog about The Boss not singing Born in the USA, Ann.
Mum: I betcha they will. Go blog right now.. I want to read it in the morning.

So here you are. We'll see who's right.. I'm banking on dad's opinion though.


Heather's M said...

Actually, I thought he would have sang that as well, so I agree with your Mom.

Heather said...

Haha. This is funny. Kevin thought he'd sing it too. I think that's the only song of his he actually knows. So tell your mom she wasn't the only one disappointed. :)

ay113sc said...

See.... I told you!