February 1, 2009

Hubs has made it though step number 100000 towards military life. Man.. this is really becomming a reality! He had his physical fitness test Friday and passed this as well! (last week was the doctor physical, this week was the fitness test) So he did his running, pushups and situps and may have not passed with flying colors.. but passed none-the-less. Which is the important thing. His recruiter told him he'll have plenty of time to perfect all of that at basic.. I bet! After that he did yet some more paper work. This is where he actually made his top ten career picks. don't ask me to quote them back to you.. I don't understand the language. And then picked out the top places he'd like to be stationed at (i'm not quite sure why they make you do this.. don't they send you wherever they need you to be anyway??) he had to have 4 overseas places in this list. I know his top three were Alabama, Virginia, and Germany. His other three overseas places were Italy, Alaska, and Hawaii. Why Hawaii wasn't numero uno is beyond me!! He clearly didn't ask my opinion ;)
I know this topic has pretty much dominated my blog so thank you so much for listening to me along this process. This wednesday he goes in front of the board to see if this is actually going to be for real or not.. so we'll finally be able to talk about this to more people and know for sure what type of life we'll be living. This has been so hard for me.. i haven't been able to tell anyone in my family about this (except my immediate family and grandmother of course) as well as noone at work. That's been pretty hard!! We shall see this week!! Keep us (especially Trey) in your prayers!
The baby shower went very well yesterday! I had a great time and the brand new mama got lots of cute, useful stuff! She made out great and has two more showers coming up back to back over the next two weeks.
Church was great this morning. We didn't actually make it to the service. Just bible study. Lesson learned.. on the weeks we do bible study, we'll have to go to the early service! we only do the study on the first and third sunday's of the month. So typical for us, the first one we go to, we're both a little nervous bc we know NOONE and they announce that they're splitting the men and women up. Ha! Someone must of seen the look I shot him at that point, bc I was swiftly made aware that they don't usually do that.. just once a quarter. Phew!
It ended up being really nice though to sit with a group of women like that and talk about marriage from God's POV. Very helpful to be reminded of certain things. Like.. no matter how hard things get, and they will get hard, that divorce is just not an answer. Trey and I promised that before we said our vows and meant it whole-heartedly, but it's nice to hear it and talk about it again. And also, how love is not an emotion. It's a decision and a promise. The emotion won't always be there alll the time and if you don't have the commitment and the strong decision to back it up, then there's nothing there. It just made me think about how sad it is that divorce is so common these days. It's definately not taboo anymore and I think we've all been descensitized to it. So.. that was week 1. I'm interested to see how it'll be when we are all together in the class!

Back to the grind tomorrow.. honestly... I'm dreading it!!


Heather's M said...

Congrats to Trey for making it pass the physical endurance part of the test. Wherever you end up stationed, I wish you both well.
I 'll be looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures.

Heather said...

If you move to Italy or Hawaii, I'm definitely coming to see you. Just so you know. And if you move to good ol' Bama, mabye we could actually hang out sometime?
Glad you enjoyed your bible study. :)