February 23, 2009

One More Night!

Seriously... I am emotionally drained! We have been running around all morning like crazy people!

Let me just say that Trey's recruiter has SUCKED from day one. Not really too involved. Never calling when she said she would and then would SWEAR she called him when he would ask her about it. Would say she'd meet him at 8:30 and not show up until 10... the list goes on and on! Aren't they supposed to be up your ass???

He started calling her about a week ago to make sure he was set on everything he needed before he left. She didn't call him back until Thursday night and set up a time to meet Friday morning so they could go over everything together. Among other things, he needed my birth certificate (for insurance crap) and our marriage license. And not just our bride/groom copy of marriage license.. the probate copy. We thought we knew exactly where everything was... come Saturday morning, we realize we can't find my birth cert. anywhere. Nowhere. Mom doesn't have it either. So I've been freaking about this all weekend.
Fast forward to this morning. I'm on the phone with City of Worcestor (Mass.) at 8:30. I know it's a long shot, but no.. they will not fax me a copy. (hey.. I tried) Trey calls his recruiter. They tell him he can't leave without it. They'll have to push his date back. I start crying of course. I've built myself up for this. I'm prepared for him to leave ya know! So my family in Mass starts getting together and they decide on someone to go and pick it up for me and fax it to me. This is going on for a couple of hours while Trey and I are heading down to our courthouse to pick up our marriage license.
We call the recruiting station and talk to someone else (his recruiter is on leave). He told Trey all this is fine, but that he's pushed his leave date back a day. So he leaves tomorrow at 4! Now that I've settled down a tad, I've realized that means I have one more night with hubby!! :)

So welcome to my first headache/panic attack with the Army. This should be a fun ride!

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Heather said...

Bless your heart. What a mess! At least you get one more, unexpected night. Enjoy :)