February 22, 2009

Hi, I'm your daughter. Nice to meet you.

Last night was the big party... it went really really well I think. Lots of people showed up, we had plenty of food for everyone, and the secret of it being partly for my dad stayed a secret for the most part. He said he had a few clues, but I think he was genuinely surprised when people from his work started showing up.. which was nice!

At one point my dad and I are in the kitchen talking at me when I notice he is looking at me rather strangely.

Dad: You're eyes are blue.
Me: *staring blankly* Yup, my whole life.
Dad: huh...

Hello, I've been your daughter for the past *almost* 26 years. Nice to see that you've finally noticed my eye color.

Anyways... as per usual.. my mother completely outdid herself. with the balloons and amazing cake and like I said above.. wayyy to much food. I still don't have a new camera so I have no cool pictures to show other than the pic of the cake I took from my phone.

Here it is:

Don't you love it!! Publix!

So today is our last full day together. We just had a little breakfast of eggs and toast and coffee. He's watching some silly movie, then we have just a few more things to get down. Our friends Tim and Wendy couldn't make it to the party last night. Why you ask?? Because she is pregnant and could pop any time now so says her doctor! My mum's house is like 45 minutes away from the hospital she will be going to so they didn't think that would be such a good idea. So we're going over there for a bit, still have to find him a few more things to take with him, and tonight we're going out to dinner with his family. Our choice. We're horrible at choosing. We'll see where we end up!

One more random thought. My friend Charlotte started up a blog, The Happy Hamilton's, not too long ago. Yall should go over and check it out. She is pregnant as well and found out recently she is having a girl! Baby Georgia will be making her appearance in June!


Heather said...

Glad the party went well, and that your dad finally realized what color your eyes are..?? Weird. :)
Enjoy today!

Charlotte said...

love you! you're such a dedicated follower!!!! thanks for the shout out! maybe we can all have dinner next week? mexican maybe? talk with jess and see what she says! thinking about you all day today!!!!