February 25, 2009

On the brighter side...

I've had some exciting news, but wanted to wait for the mama to make her announcement to everyone in her life first... One of my besties is pregnant!!!!!! Aahhhhh!! I'm so excited! *we'll be calling her J from now on* She just had her first official checkup yesterday and confirmed that there was definately a little heart beating in there. And of course the doctor said she was just about by the book perfect with everything (she's a little OCD so this surprises me none). To put some icing on the cake ~ J has two sisters. She's the youngest, the middle one is pretty much on standby. She could give birth ANY DAY NOW, but is actually do on the 10th I think. And the oldest sister just found out she is pregnant as well and is due just a couple weeks before J. How cute is it that by Thanksgiving, or Halloween really, there will be three new little babies in their family??
This new baby and J's pregancy is sure to keep me pretty occupied over the next couple of months. I will just die a little inside if we don't get to stay here for whatever that school is that Trey has to do after OCS (I clearly have a little learning to do on what everything is called) and I have to leave J 2 months before she births! I'll just die.

I have yet another friend that has started her own blog. Check her out here. She got married to one of Trey's oldest friends from highschool last summer * oldest as in friends for a long long time, not age :) *

I got to talk with Trey last night!!!! I was just crawling into bed when my cell phone rang! Megan, you are right... I used to avoid calls if I didn't recognize the number. Now my heart stops from excitement bc I know it could be him <3 He was just at a hotel last night and they gave him a 5 minute phonecall. He sounded ok. Not great.. but ok. I think he was just nervous (i'm sure!), but i know things will get better for him as the weeks go on.
Today was better for me than yesterday. I think I just may find out that I'm a lot stronger than I've ever given myself credit for!


KLC said...

yay for your friend!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!

I pray for you and your husband every single day. I admire you so musch for how strong you have been and will me. xoxo!

Heather said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Three sisters, all expecting babies! :)
And you are definitely stronger than you give yourself credit for! I believe in you!! You're gonna do just fine girl!