February 18, 2009

Looong Weekend

My weekend has officially started! While I am thrilled to sleep in and think about and do everything non-work related, a little part of me keeps remembering what that means. That on Tuesday, when I do go back to work, my whole world will be different.
To all my co-workers, please excuse and by all means ignore and look past any emotional outbursts next week. I cannot be held responsible and I will move past them. Thanks!

Over the next couple of days we will just be taking care of some last minute details. Tomorrow we have the "bug lady" coming to spray the house. God bless her. I wonder if she takes panic stricken calls at any hour of the day to come over and kill/clean up any little buggies I may find at any given point??? In the afternoon we have ADT coming to install our new system. This exictes me to noooo end! That will be such a source of comfort to me. Our friends, Jessica and Josh, have been so helpful with this. He works for ADT and have made this very easy and is making sure everything goes right. I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner tomorrow night, but I'm secretely already making plans to maybe go get some Mexican with some friends... or maybe just us.
Friday we hope to maybe go down to the river and walk for awhile. We need to do some shopping. He needs a couple of things that is on his list of things he should be taking with him. you know, 3 pair of white undies, brown socks, brown towels. I need some stuff for our party on Saturday. I'm making some BBQ, a veggie trey, and chocolate peanut butter cookies.
Saturday we have the party of course. I'm really looking forward to that. For all of our close friends to be together. And because my dad has no idea that this is partly for him as well and a couple people that he works with will be there.
That is about it. Other than my very scary dentist appointment Monday morning at 10 that I would rather not speak of right now.
Off to go get some precious time in!


Heather said...

Enjoy your weekend. :)
Soak up every minute of it!!

Charlotte said...

I love how you always make a point to comment on my blog! I need to be better about it! I know that this weekend will be hard for you but it just means that you are one day closer to being back together! Just try and always remember that! My due date is June 27- if you get bored and want to help put together a nursey, you know where my house is! I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend and your dad has a great birthday!