February 9, 2009

Little bit of this and that

I looked back at the last couple of posts and I am so sorry for all of the sadness and one topic posts. I think everyone would probably understand and just kind of let me dwell in my depression for just a little bit.. but I AM NOT having it!! I won't promise perfection, but maybe just a little more of my more positive self!

Trey and I had a pretty good weekend (besides the tears). I got laundry done and out of the way Saturday afternoon *even though it was absolutely bea-u-tiful outside* and that night we (read: Trey) gently and gracefully (read: ripped, cussed, yelled) replaced our garbage disposal, while I cooked a yummy meatloaf and watched Fireproof. Maybe not the best acting in the entire world, but I LOVED the movie.. so did Trey! I would suggest this movie to anyone.. married or not.

Sunday we had family fun day at his parents house. It was pretty sad planning next months day at our house knowing Trey wouldn't be there.

And that's pretty much how our weekend went. Nothing too special to report. We're spending Valentines Day at my parents house. One of my brothers is turning 13 on Wednesday, so that's when we're celebrating. Grilling out steaks and having baked potatoes. We never have really celebrated Vday anyways. I don't so much get into it. Anyone have any special plans for that day?
My mom and I will probably do some planning for the next Saturday. We're throwing a little party both for Trey and my dad. Obvious reasons for Trey, but my dad turns 50 on the 26th. So we're having a little combo party. I made a little event to invite people on Facebook and called it.. Sending one to hell and one over the hill.
Cute, yes? I thought so.


KLC said...

Good luck with the party planning! Check out my blog, I left you an award :)

Heather said...

We're not doing Valentine's this year either (as far as I know?) We've decided to save our money for our trip to D.C. next month. It will definitely be needed!
Have fun party planning - cute name!

Heather's M said...

It's totally okay to cry when you feel like it. I hope the time go quickly for you 'till he returns.

So, your dad was born in '59?
There seems to be a lot of us turning 50 this year. (I keep telling myself that 50 is the new 30, but I'm not sure I'm convinced)
Happy b'day to him.