March 24, 2010

Things my husband says

First of all... big news... WE FINALLY HAVE OUR ORDERS!!! I'm so so excited! We can finally get the ball rolling (hopefully getting on a housing list, getting our move scheduled, I can buy plane tickets for the wedding I'm in in Massachusetts, etc.) so it feels like there is a huge weight off my shoulders. I'll feel even better if we can get on-post housing. Soooo we'll be on our way to Texas mid-May :)

I laughed so hard at this last night that I just had to share with you guys.
Last night, Trey and I are laying in bed and it's pretty sweet... he kept rubbing my tummy talking to the baby here and there and randomly I hear this:

Trey: You know what will really piss me off?
Me: (a little perplexed because he's being so sweet) What??
Trey: If after 9 months, there's no baby coming out and all this time you just wanted an excuse to get fat and have special treatment. *giggles*

Who thinks to say these things?? Yes, dear, because that's every woman's dream... to get on the fast track on getting big and round. I laughed so hard the baby must have thought we were going through an earthquake.


Expat Girl said...

Oh my gosh haha our husbands could be best friends, I heard exactly the same thing! mr Soldier said, it would suck if you werent pregnant at all and you just wanted 9 months of special treatment and sonic slushies!

Erin said...

Husbands...that's who!

Awesome news about orders! It is so exciting to finally get something official!

Kaycee said...

I'm a new follower of yours! But when I was pregnant my Husband said the same thing lol. Didn't help that I was 7 days late lol.

Julie the Army Wife said...

That is great you got orders!!! How exciting :)

Shayla said...

HAHAHAHA!!! such a man thing to say!!!

and OOOOOO where in Texas????????????

I;m going to be in Corpus for a week in May but the rest of the month I'm home in DFW!!!!

Jen said...

Haha! Your husband is too funny!!

Yay for getting orders! :)

JG said...

Oh, boys!

Yay for orders! I'm envious. :)

SCH said...

hahaha that's awesome : )

So happy for you about your orders!

Brandi said...

LOL MEN! That was hilarious though. :D


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

that's funny! sounds like he and my hubby would get along well! I can't believe you'll be here soon. What unit does his orders have him coming to? if he's coming to 3-1 AD, then he's in my unit and he'd be stopping in my office first to find out where he's going.

Tori and Chad said...

Um, Trey, Malu and Chad can all be best friends!

Ashleigh said...

Hooray for orders!! And yup, that sounds like a Trey thing to say!!

Matt and I were just talking about how much special treatment he is going to give me when I am pregnant lol....I'm already planning on it!!

Heather said...

Hahahaha - that's hilarious!! Guys are really funny sometimes.

Glad y'all got your orders and know where you'll be now. I'm sure that's a big stress relief :)

Bombtastic Belle said...

*lol* That is the funniest thing,e ver! I could see my husband saying something like that.

Where at in Texas? We're orginally from there, but got stationed at 'Hood for a while.

L.C. said...

hahahaha love it!