March 15, 2010

16 Weeks

I've seen Katie do these questionnaires throughout her pregnancy, and I'd love to have something to look back on and see my progress as well. Google didn't show me anything very original - so sorry dear - I'm pretty much copying you on this one :)

How far along? 16 weeks as of yesterday. I can't believe I'm almost to 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: 6lbs. I'm trying to come to terms with this. Although, I will point out that I am still able to rock the one pair of size 4 jeans I have even if they won't button. I love you belly bands!

Maternity clothes? Mostly I've just been taking advantage of the belly bands. Those things are my lifesaver. I definitely don't need maternity tops yet, but sometimes I wear an undershirt to give that extra layer and reach down a little further than the shirt will.

Stretch marks? No, not really. I had a few very faint ones pre-pregnancy, and I think they are showing up a little better now, but no new ones. I lotion up religiously so I'm hoping that really helps.

Sleep: I'm still getting plenty of it, but it's getting a little uncomfortable at times. I feel like I'm tossing and turning quite a bit more trying to find a comfy spot for my back. Plus side? I'm not getting up as much to use the potty.

Best moment this week: By far, seeing monkey for the first time! Indescribable!

Movement? Not yet, but I'm watching out for it. They say I should start to feel "fluttering" anytime now, so I'm ultra aware.

Food cravings? I still wouldn't classify anything I've felt as a real craving. There's never anything I HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I do get fixated on a few things here and there. Luckily for me, most of them are quite healthy. Right now, I can't get enough cucumbers, tomatoes, and grapes. We went to a baseball game yesterday and I saw just about everyone eating sunflower seeds, so I did have to stop on the way home and get some. I see salt being a big problem for me in the next 6 months!

Showing? Umm yes. I think I'm to the point now where there's no mistaking it. Unless I have a jacket or hoodie on. So not quite showing enough that I can't cover it up.. although... there's never a moment I want to do that. I seriously want to show it to the world!

Gender Prediction: Ohh I don't know! I go back and forth. My head says girl just because of how fast the heart rate always is, but my heart definitely wants a boy. Of course we'll be happy with either and the next one I would want to be a girl, but I just feel like I'm meant to have a little boy. We'll see soon.. I can't wait! Want to guess? Don't forget to vote up top!

Labor Signs? Umm no. Thank God.

Mood Temperament: hmm good question. It changes by the minute. One minute I'm the happiest I have ever been, but I'm always very sensitive. Normally, it would take a lot to hurt my feelings or even make me think twice about something anyone has said, now all it takes is your tone to be off a little and I'm sad/mad/hurt/etc. I happy-cry at just about anything. Basically, I'm on an emotional roller coaster and I can't get off.

Milestones: Whelp, my belly I think did pop a little again this week (sorry, no pics uploaded yet!) and then seeing him/her for the first time of course.

Weekly Wisdom:
Dear Self:
Even though you feel like you have all of your energy back, you still can't go a mile a minute. You will crash. If you have a day or two that you are on the go constantly, just be prepared to be just about comatose on day three.


Katie said...

oh girl, it wasn't my idea either! :) so no worries! glad to hear everything is going well!

Jen said...

That's sooo funny! My favorite thing right now is cucumbers too! Can't get enough. Oh yeah - and watermelon. Congrats on getting to see your little monkey!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! I am so glad things are going well. I pray you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Shayla said...

this is TOO cute!!!

I love it!!!

I cant wait to see your latest belly shots!!! I bet you're just GLOWING :)

Jen said...

I'm glad you are doing so well!! Definitely an exciting time for you both! :)

Amber said...

Awww, while I don't miss actually being pregnant I miss the excitement of early on. I am so excited for you.

I really wanted a boy too but I knew it was going to be a girl - she's on my lap now and I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Tori and Chad said...

I just wanna pet your little belly! Er, I mean rub.

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

i need to heed your words of wisdom. I'm always overdoing myself everyday and it catches up to me so fast. no wonder i spend all weekend napping! the time goes by so fast. i'm so excited for you!

Julie Q said...

I feel so out of the loop!! OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!!! And your blog is ssssooo pretty :) (I seem to hibernate over the winter with blog reading lol) Congrats again- so exciting!

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