March 11, 2010


Whew ~ they are all over the place, but let's focus on the good ones :)

First off, our great friends back home, Brandon and Emily, gave birth to their sweet little girl this morning! From the few pictures I've been sent already, I am just overcome with happiness for them. She looks perfect and Brandon already is the doting daddy! They are going to be WONDERFUL parents!

Second - I got to see our sweet baby for the first time on Tuesday!! It was completely on a whim.. i wasn't expecting to see him/her until 20 weeks, but I heard of this Christian, non-profit place that gives ultra sounds for free (!!) and remembered to give them a call. They asked if I could come in that day... pshh.. of course! It was the most amazing thing to see it moving around in there. There was my little monkey doing flips, sucking it's thumb, playing with it's hair, waving to me, and even sticking it's little tongue out.. sassy already.. just like momma! I wish more than anything that Trey could have been there with me, but the nurse was able to get some good shots for me to show him. I've looked at them every day since :) and I just cannot wait to meet him/her in real life! Can't wait to see how it feels to have that squirming monkey in my hands and see the look on Trey's face the first time he sees it! The heartbeat was back up again at 174!! So we've had 161, 144, then up to 174!

The emotions I've been going through have not all been sappy and sweet, let me tell you! Out of nowhere this week came the irrational hormones! Tuesday night and last night, Trey said the smallest thing and I've snapped at him big time with each. Then I get mad at myself for being so silly and start crying because I was "mean" to him. It's crazy.. or rather I'm crazy!

I tried to upload the pics of the sonogram, but blogger wouldn't let me. They are all saved together on my usb drive.. not separately. I was going to ask from the skeletal pics, what your guess was... boy or girl.. but how about just your gut... you can vote up at the top to the left!


Ashleigh said...

Don't be upset at yourself, that is just pregnancy! Everyone goes through it!

I will send more pics of Reece...Im going back this afternoon with the nice camera to get some better shots. I couldnt zoom on my phone!

JG said...

I'm definitely going with girl, based on those heart rates. I know they aren't always accurate, but since that's all I've got to go on, I'm going with it :) Glad you got to see the baby. How exciting!

Tori and Chad said...

Girl, girl, girl!!!

Heather said...

Hmmm... I gonna be different and guess boy. Not sure why... just a feelin :)

Anyhow - glad you got to see your little monkey. I can only imagine how exciting that was for you!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's so exciting that you got to see the baby!!! I'm voting it's a little girl!

Shayla said...

WOOHOO!!! That is soooo neat that you were able to go in- FOR FREE- and get to see your sweet baby :D!!!!!

Don't worry about the emotional part...everyone knows thats just how pregnant women are...I say MILK IT!!!

Jen said...

I'm saying a little girl! I'm so happy for you that you were able to see your little one!! :)