January 31, 2010

~10 Weeks~

Yaayyyy we made it into the double digits. What will the little munchkin be up to this week?

-You are about and inch and 1/2 long and at about the size of a prune and you are growing by "leaps and bounds"!
-Your bones and cartilage are forming
-The little indentations on your legs are forming into your knobby little knees and ankles. (and your elbows are already working!)
-Your teeth are forming under your gums (I swear What to Expect has been telling me that for weeks now.. long process I guess?)
-Annndddd if you are a boy (I'm truly up for either or at this point.. I can't decide what I want you to be), your little manhood parts are already producing testosterone.

Our first real doctors appointment is coming up soon! We go to hear the heartbeat next Thursday!

We have been lazy, pathetic human beings since Thursday. We completely abused the .. ya know.. treacherous icy conditions out there wet roads from the ice melting to have an excuse to stay in and do absolutely nothing. We finally did get a little stir crazy yesterday and went out with some friends to a steakhouse. Delish! Check out these "cheese sticks" we ordered as an appetizer..
AAHHHHMAZING. I swear the picture doesn't do them justice.. biggest cheese sticks I've ever seen in my life. I pinky swear I only had 1/2 of one. I left there feeling not so hot (understatement) and I didn't even eat enough to warrant an upset stomach. I think the smells became wayyy too much for me to handle, which led to a not so fun night at home.
Anywho.. off to get ready for church. I'll be giving thanks to God for those unreal cheese sticks.


Expat Girl said...

Yay for double digits, I cant wait for u to get to twelve : ) Oh I remember those days when restaurants were overwhelming, I promise your sense of smell will calm down gradually!

BSS said...

Those cheesesticks look wild, haha! That stuff about the little one you found is too cute-- did you find it on thebump.com?

You're going to be such a good mom, I can already tell!

Ashleigh said...

woah, those cheese sticks look amazing!! I hope you start feeling better around food soon!!

Heather said...

I'm new to the blogging world, and I'm enjoying finding blogs like yours about fellow military spouses.

Having a baby is exciting isn't it? (I have 2 myself.) Enjoy!!

Stephanie Hartman said...

Aw girl those cheese sticks look so good I want some now..lol..My hubs and I have been inside as well it's so cold in Panama and it doesn't even snow here lol..

♥Stephanie H.

Tori and Chad said...

Is it weird that I feel like this pregnancy is taking forever? I'm just anxiously waiting over here to find out what colors to help you start scheming to plan the nursery (yeah, who cares if you don't know where you'll be living or what your new home looks like, I wanna decorate your nursery with you!). LOL

JG said...

Wow!! Where is that? Those look awesome!