January 13, 2010

Random Tidbits

There hasn't been much going on in my world except baby makin' ... definitely not enough to form a full blog post at least. It's sad, but here's a few note-worthy points from the last few days...

My mum bought her own copy of What To Expect so she can follow along herself with where me and baby are. I thought that was the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

I FINALLY made it to the gym. I walked 2 miles and called it a day, but I did go! I felt very dizzy afterwards so I wonder what that was about. I'm eating enough and brought a bottle of water with me.

After trying to fight off The Bachelor for 2 weeks, I gave in yesterday and am all caught up now and loving it more than ever. My favorite is Ali. I know who wins because of Spoiler Steve. I won't ruin it for anyone unless you want me to... email me.

I learned this morning that it is NOT okay to shower before breakfast. The hot water + an empty stomach will cause a pregnant woman to damn near black out and dry heave for a very uncomfortable amount of time. I'm still disgustingly nauseous 45 minutes later.

I have a social coming up and a cocktail party, both for Trey's unit. What does one wear to a social at 11:00 in the morning? I'm thinking regular ol' every day clothes, but correct me if I'm wrong. Clearly I'm not talking about a long-sleeved tshirt and sweats or anything.

I think that's all for now. I've gotten 2 awards this week, and didn't want you girls to think I forgot about them. I promise I'll get to them soon! For now, it seems I can't even form a decent paragraph!


Stephanie Hartman said...

Aw that's so cute of your mother to be doing that and following you and the baby! I can't wait till my husband and I get stationed somewhere and start making a family of our own! I wouldn't have any clue what to wear I would dress up maybe wear a dress or if its cold then wear a cute shirt nice jeans and heels. I have no clue though lol.. I totally have the same problem about writting a full blog so today I did Random Day! lol. good Luck with everything hope you have a great day!

Amber said...

Water, water, water! It's surprising how much water you need when pregnant. I have a hard time with keeping up with the need and that is when I get light headed too. You just have to force it down and you will feel so much better (pee a lot but that's just another fun part of pregnancy).

Good luck.

Steph said...

You better take it easy missy! I watch the Bachelor too. I swore I wasn't going to this season but I did. (It DVR'd on its own somehow) The best part however, is reading reality steve.

Shelze said...

Stay hydrated, and even if you don't think you are thirsty, it is still possible that you are. Feeling thirsty means you are already too dehydrated. best of luck! I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

Heather said...

Ehh - the dry heaving sounds awful. I'm sorry honey. At least you know now, right? Consider it a learning experience :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad you started watching the Bachelor! I really like Ali to and I'm hoping she makes it to the end. I know the spoilers too but I'm waiting to see if they're really correct or not.

I hate day time parties for the simple fact I never know what to wear to them.

MG said...

For the social, I would wear something "casual dressy." For instance, if you wear jeans wear a nice top and some heels. However, I would probably wear some nice pants or a casual dress.