January 21, 2010

Another Post about Oprah

Yesterday, I watched Monday's Oprah episode that I had DVR'd. When I saw the topic: The most dangerous thing you might be doing with your life (something along those lines) I couldn't resist. I had to know how dangerously I've been living.
It turned out to be a really sad - and informative - episode about using your cell phone.. texting particularly... while driving. I admit, I used to do this almost 100% of the time. It was no big deal to me to text away almost the whole time I was driving. I could handle it... I can practically text without looking at the phone.. right? Not so much. One night I watched Seven Pounds.. that night ended my habit. How could I ever live with myself if I did the unthinkable? If I took someones life because that text was sooooo important.
On the show yesterday, or Monday, they showed a few families who have been affected by this. One story that really stuck with me was about a 9 year old little girl who died. Her mom was driving down their street, on the way home from the doctors office, when she saw flashing police and fire truck lights on said street. Then she saw her daughter's mangled bike. Another lady had been driving down the street, texting away, she never saw the little girl. Can you even imagine??

They say that texting while driving is the equivalent of having 4 drinks and getting behind the wheel. Oprah's doing a No Phone Zone Pledge where you can pledge not to do this anymore. All you have to do is click here.

End my public service announcement of the month. Tomorrow's my group nurse appointment.. should be interesting!
Oh yeah.. and don't forget to post any questions you have for me here. I'll answer on Monday :)


Charity said...

Wow, glad I missed that one. I would have been bawling on the couch. How are you feeling? Hope you are doing good.

Anonymous said...

This is against the law in Arkansas - to drive and text. I really hope people do realize how dangerous it is!!!

Kimberly said...

i know, it's so dangerous and i used to do it...sometimes. it's now illegal to text and drive in maryland (even at a stoplight) and you can't even talk on your phone while driving in dc, so i've cut the habit.

hope everything's going well with you! :)

Stephanie Hartman said...

oh my I had NO idea that texting while driving equaled 4 drinks wow. I don't text that much when I'm driving just because there are crazys in Panama who DON'T know how to drive.

Heather said...

That's really sad - I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for that poor mother... and Seven Pounds scared me, too. I can't say that I'm not guilty of the occasional text behind the wheel, but I know that it's a habit I need to break. If not for my own safety, for all of those around me.

Great post.

Julie the Army Wife said...

That is so sad :(

I admit that I never text but I think most of that is being over here in Germany. I am sure to get into it in the US.

Anonymous said...

Hey gal! Sorry I have been mia recently with our move. I think you will be just fine at 6 months moving. Granted I couldn't lift anything, but I packed up basically our whole house! lol We are on tdy so the army would not move us. Don't worry you'll be just fine! Hugs