January 7, 2010

Big Night!

I take a break from the as of late Pregnancy Brain to say this....

Rollllll Tide!!!!!

We'll be heading over a friends house to watch the game with a few other couples. At least until 1/2 time that is. Please, as long as you are not a die hard longhorn fan, please please please send some good Roll Tide juju our way. My husband's favorite team is playing for the National Title. To say his every hope and dream coming true is dependent on tonight would be downplaying how he really feels. Let's just say this - for Bama to win the National Title and for his first child to be born in the same year - he will FOREVER be a content man.

Now imagine his reaction if they lose. Ever seen a grown man cry? (ya know.. besides Tebow?) Sorry, sorry, I had to go there...


Shayla said...

lol I live in Texas...so yeah thats all im gonna say ;)


THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment about my engagement!!!!!

Im SUPER excited that you're pregnant!!! how far along are you???

JG said...

Looks like you're getting your wish...I have to say, I'm only slightly disappointed. I'm Big 12 all the way, but it's always good to see Texas lose ;)

Heather said...

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great game, right? :)

And your comment about Tebow made me giggle.

Katie F said...

Hey girl. Check out my blog. I left you some love!