June 11, 2009

Yellow Yellow Yellow

Warning: Very pointless post!
Ever since my cousin Kate was here back in April I have been obsessed with the color yellow. Not by choice. She taught me this little game her and her friends play in the car. Every time you see a yellow car (not including cabs, school buses, or taxis) you want to be the first one to shout out "YELLOW CAR". Sounds stupid, yes I know, but competitive and silly people like me love it. I have in turn taught this to everyone who has been in the car with me since that day and have ruined other peoples lives with it as well as my own. I SEE YELLOW EVERYWHERE NOW. It has taken over my life. I will spot out a yellow anything within the nearest mile. My mind will take note of it. I take and receive "yellow car" pix messages daily. Here are the few I've gotten and one I've sent just since yesterday.
There's the one I took and sent out. I'm pretty proud of this one. The more original the better. Yes, I'm aware that I should be focused on driving and not capturing the perfect yellow car moment.

Random text I got during the day. I thought I had another one, but that came directly to my work email. They show up everywhere. It's insane. Start playing, you'll see what I mean.

Wow.. this seriously must seem like the most pointless post ever. It probably is.

But don't sweat ~ I almost forgot to give my opinions on SYTYCD. All I can say is this is my favorite show ever. I wish I could say that I missed my calling and should be dancing my life away... but trust me... I'm better off watching it than living it.

My favs: Phillip and Jeanine definitely. They were first and did a hip-hop routine which I LOVE. I love even more when they put a story to it. They did AMAZING. It seriously made my heart almost jump out of my chest. Another favorite: Caitlin and Jason. They did a style called Bollywood (which I'm not quite sure what it is.. but I love it) to a song from Slumdog Millionaire and it may have made me squeal out loud blew me away. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Kayla and max. Did a Samba routine. Sexxaaayyyy! They danced beautifully and made that Samba look H-O-T. Woooohoooo!

Other standout moments: Randi and Even doing the jazz routine. Melissa and Ade doing the contemporary which was about the moment you first fall in love. I think this is going to be a great season... there aren't many people I actually WANT to see go!

Here is one of my favorite routines ever ~ from last season: ( i tried to put the video on here, but I clearly need a lesson) Here's the link for the truly curious


It's worth it ~ Promise.


Megan said...

I started laughing when I read about game because we play our own version of it. Whenever we see a "smart car" you know, the cars that only fit 2 people? We punch each other (not hard) and yell "smart car! (color of it)" The cars are more common in Europe and it always makes for funny car ride.

Mom said...

Remeber 'bunch buggy Beattle"? Honestly- I know you- pay attention to the road.. please!

Jessica said...

Those smart cars are too cute. I only see one or two of them around here but I can't imagine getting in a wreck in that thing!

Mum - yes I remember Punch Buggy. Not so much bunch buggy.

Heather said...

Great... now I'm going to be looking for yellow cars! Thaaaanks...

Kimberly said...

Randi and Evan are my favorites so far. And I loved the Bleeding Love one too!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

We have car games like that too. Matt and I are such big kids. When we go out on a road trip for more than an hour we always pick an out of state plate to look for and shot out.

lola said...

Hahah, Matt and I love little car games like the "yellow car" one you mentioned! :)

Also as for adding videos -- when you're on youtube, there are two link things on the righthand side -- one for a direct link and then another to "embed" -- click and copy that and paste into your blog! :)