June 3, 2009

Few Random Tidbits

First off and the most reoccurring thing that's been in my head today... I DESPERATELY want a blog makeover. I know there are a couple of you girls out there who can do this type of thing but I'm not quite ready. I really want a new name for my blog first. One that more so identifies with my life right now. But I need help. I don't have a creative bone in my body. Seriously... I have nothing. Please please please throw out any cutesy suggestion you may have. ANYTHING. Even if you've never commented before.. clearly I'm not above begging. You never know what might spark an idea in my head. After I find a new name I'll then start begging for the makeover ;)

Second.. I had a pretty kick ass workout today at the gym! Man, it really helps when you take someone with you! I did a mile and 1/2 on the elliptical. A mile on the treadmill. Leg machines, arm machines, and free weights to work on the ever-so-flabby obliques. I feel GREAT! I've put any running goals I had on the back burner. I wasn't so much enjoying it to be honest. What I LOVE though is the elliptical. We get along great and my short little legs are starting to say "thank you" when I look in the mirror. Your welcome babies.

Third and lastly... I'm watching my favorite show tonight and I'm so excited that it's this time of year for it. Is anyone else in love with So You Think You Can Dance??? (from now on referred to as SYTYCD so I don't have to type that all out) I'm pretty obsessive with this show. I thoroughly enjoy watching people dance and really really wish I had the talent myself. My favorites are the Contemporary and the Hip-Hop styles. The way they can make their bodies move... it blows my mind.. beautiful! I like it all though ~ can't wait until they actually start competing each week.

That's all for now. Happy hump day :)

*after thought: Thank God for spell check*


Crazy Shenanigans said...

There was a guy on there that could do the robot like no other! He was amazing!!!!

I too need a blog make over! I'm trying to find a 3 column lol

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Well I was really happy when I started blogger and thought of the name Mrs. G.I. Joe:p I too have such a hard time with this and usually end up staring at the screen name section only to come up with my own name like 30 minutes later....No lie! It can be frusterating! I will definitely think on the new name for you and throw it out there once I have one:) Can't wait until you get your blog make over because there so fun! When mine was done, all I wanted to do was stay on it and admire:p Good job on your workout! Man that would have kicked my rear too! Happy Hump day:) I have off tomorrow, woo hoo!

lola said...

I love the elliptical! I haven't had access to one in forever, so I've defaulted to running.

I haven't watched SYTYCD, but I did watch Dancing with the Stars this season... so good!

New Girl on Post said...

For a new name..why don't you write down a list of keywords that describes you...or your life right now and then go from there? That honestly helped me. :)

Heather said...

So, I probably don't even need to tell you.. but I LOVE SYTYCD!! And guess what my favorite styles are? Yep... contemporary and hip hop. Too bad I don't have a graceful bone in my body! I'd love to be able to move like that! Can't wait to find out who made the top 20 tonight!!!
And good job with the workout! I wish I had someone to keep me motivated down here.
Good luck with the makeover... I'll be brainstorming on names, but not making any promises!! My creative juices haven't been so strong lately.