June 10, 2009

A Perfect Night and Free Samples

I have to say ~ today was a pretty dern good day. For no particular reason other than I was in a better mood than usual and I found myself laughing quite often. Now it looks like I'm ending that day with an almost perfect night:
  • I got home early (unheard of). Meaning I didn't go to the gym or work late.
  • It's storming out pretty good right now. Have I ever mentioned how much I love thunderstorms?? *as long as I'm in the comfort of my house* It's pouring and the thunder is cracking.
  • I have all the lights turned out, candles going, and the blinds on the window next to me open so I can see all the action.
  • SYTYCD is on tonight!! The first night of the actual competition and not auditions so I'm really pumped over this. I'll be sure to let y'all know tomorrow who my faves are!

Now if only hubs could be cuddled up on the couch with me :)

I've gotten the strangest things in the mail for the past two days. Today I came home to a free energy efficient light bulb in the mailbox. But wait for it... the best part? It comes in a container that you can reuse as a piggy bank! Score!! Even more strange? Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive a free pad in the mail. Like as in a maxi pad. No thanks guys, I don't think I've used one of those since I was 15. But I really do appreciate the thought.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

No kidding! I am so thankful the day I found out about tampons! I was totally one of those young girls that was under the misunderstanding that tampons took your virginity:p So I was a late bloomer into that whole world:p I like thunderstorms when Rob is here, but when I'm alone they scare me:p Don't you just love days that are better then most and for whatever reason:)So glad you had one!

Heather said...

Glad you had a good day... and can't wait to hear your thoughts on SYTYCD. There were several good ones last night! But still loving Phillip. And Katrina. And both of their partners, I guess... but them most of all!

Jessica said...

Here's my embarrasing tampon story:
*warning* may be a tad bit TMI

I was still wearing pads in 9th grade PE class because I thought I had to take my tampon out everytime I had to pee. Uh huh. Didn't realize at that time that one had nothing to do with the other....

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love free stuff!!! I'd pass on the giant maxi pad but I'd totally take that light bulb!

I'm sorry your cutie pie can't be with you right now.
PS: I love thunderstorms as well!