June 22, 2009

I Have Butterflies

~ but I can't tell you why just yet ~ I will share with the world later this week probably, but it just wouldn't be right to share now. *NO I'M NOT PREGNANT* But I am very excited about something. I want to say more... I'll switch subjects now...

As per usual, I forgot to take my camera anywhere with me while the fam was down. I have two pics from their phones that they sent me.. here you go:

This is me and my cousin Kim on Thursday. I'm not telling you what meal this is with.

Me and Kate Friday night at Icy's. She's the one coming down here to USC in the fall and is so excited. I'm extremely proud of this chickie. Not many people have the guts to move hundreds of miles away from home to start college. She's pumped. I can't wait to see what's in store for her in the future ~ I know she'll be amazing. We were so close when we were younger and I hated moving away from her when I did (at age 13). I can't even get into how much it breaks my heart to know that I'll be moving away from her again not long after she comes down here... we'll save that for another day (for a much much more depressing post). Basically, I love these people.

My parents are leaving Wednesday night for San Antonio to see my brother Charlie graduate Basic Training. I know I haven't talked about that much on here, but I can't believe he is already done with that. I talked to him on the phone over the weekend and I can definitely see a difference in him. Just in the way he talks. He used to mumble so badly that you could barely understand what he was saying. Now you can just hear the confidence radiating in his voice. I was hoping that would happen. I can't even express how proud I am of him and I really really really really wish I could be there to see him graduate. Between my dad and my youngest brother, I know there will be about 10,091 pictures so I'll be sure to post a few.

While they are gone, I'll be staying at their house to take care of Cayce. She hurt her leg Friday morning and is on pain medicine and anti-inflammatories. They vet said that she tore a tendon in her knee. She is so pathetic hobbling around on three legs, it makes me so sad to look at her. Hopefully this will heal on it's on, but they do have to take her back in two weeks to see if she'll need surgery or not. They also realized when they were at the vet that she has lost 6 lbs in 3 months. Not good :( I guess they'll be keeping an eye out on that as well.

There's a pic of our pretty girl sitting on my parents back deck. Just look at that presh face. Awwww.. I'm looking forward to spending some QT with her for 5 nights :)

Something to not put a smiley face next to: I spent $459 on my car today for a new timing belt and a water pump. Yeah. And when it rains it pours... that's after spending $200 to fix my AC and another $200 for a deposit on my yet-to-be-named dog. :/ (that's a mad face in case you couldn't tell)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a great time with the fam!! Sorry you had to spend so much money on your car but hey it's what gets you around!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

TELL ME TELL ME! I want to know and am dying from the supense! Your so evil:p Thanks for the comment about work girl. It meant a lot:)

Teresa said...

First of all Cacye is ADORABLE lol.

I want to know the neeeeews :)