June 13, 2009

So Far Today...

I have done absolutely NOTHING. But that sho is about to change.

First of all I slept in!!! I think being out of town for the last three weekends and getting up at 5:30 every morning this week finally caught up to me, although Trey had minimal sympathy for me when I told him this. I went to be at 11 last night after watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall *hilarious* and didn't wake up until 9 only bc Trey called. 10 hours of sleep.. are you kidding me?? I haven't done that in years if feels like.
I caught up on some of yalls blogs before even getting out of bed bc I love you much :) Had a disappointing breakfast (my fruit and yogurt special K didn't have so much fruit and yogurt in it) but my raspberry cheesecake yoplait light was delish. I watched the season finale of SVU from like 2 weeks ago, which kept me on my toes. Loved it.
And now the intense cleaning of our house begins. I mean SERIOUS cleaning. I'm getting ready to open up all the blinds so I'm not too too depressed about spending the day inside, hook up the Ipod, and get to work! I went to Walmart last night after a very successful workout *a full 30 min on the elliptical ~ first time for that ~ which got me 2.3 miles* and got new cleaning supplies. A new scrubber to scrub the tub (my most hated chore) and refills for my swiffer mop. I'm going to clean the living hell out of every room in this house and may even start boxing up some unnecessary crap we have laying around. Because I might want to come to the realization that we're I'm going to have to put the house up for sale in the near future. Just the thought causes so many mini panic attacks in me, so lets not go there.
After all this, you better believe I'll be enjoying some of that Bud Light Lime later tonight that I may have also picked up from Walmart.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Having a day where you do nothing isn't bad at all!!!!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall!!!! Matt and I watched that this past week and it was HILARIOUS! I loved it!

New Girl on Post said...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is hilarious! My favorite part is when Russel Brand is up on stage singing that song. HILARIOUS!!!

Have fun cleaning!

GUAMtastic said...

I love your blog!! You absolutely crack me up! Thanks for "following!!"

Teresa said...

A day of nothing is just what I need lol.

I hope you enjoyed the beer haha.