April 5, 2012

winner winner

Chicken dinner! Get it? You actually are winning a chicken dinner! Of course my computer is acting up and will not charge...like at all.wonderful. So i'm doing this all from my phone which is harder than I always imagined it'd be. Good thing there weren't too many entries...I guess!!....because now would not have been the time to figure out the whole random number generator thing. I did take a picture of the names I wrote out but you'll have to excuse how illustrate i'm am with this phone.I don't know how to upload the pictures from the phone to the post.so basically you'll have to just take my weird for it that i'm being honest until I can figure that out.JG can probably attest to this. She saw my smartphone capabilities the other day... So drumroll please... Amber (you actually won twice but I decided to be fair) Courtney Charla Congrats girls! If you could just email me your address, I'll get it to the right person and your coupon will be in the mail shortly.


Amber said...

Woo hoo! The number generator just knows how much I love Chick-Fil-A!

So, what *is* your email?

Kristy said...

How is it that two of the people WITHOUT kids win the kid dinner?!? Amber and/or Charla, I better get a lunch invite to go with you! ;P

Charla Welch said...

I didn't check blogs on my Easter vacay! Ok. I will email you right now.