April 26, 2012

Prayers Needed for a Sweet Family

I'm sitting here watching the Draft tonight in the comfort of my sweats and my cozy living room.
While I'm sitting comfortably, munching on some FlipSide crackers after my calorie allowance is over (they are SO good.. Okay I'm putting them away) a sweet friend of mine is sitting in a hospital room for *hopefully* the next 10 weeks, trying to keep her baby alive.

When Andrea was 17 weeks, her water broke. The doctors told her that, with no water for her baby, the only thing they could offer her was termination. Andrea and I didn't live in the same city for very long, but I can tell you immediately that that was NOT, in fact, an option for her. When she denied the doctors' suggestion, they told her she would deliver within a week anyways.

Well, friends, it's 7 weeks later and that baby is strong and alive inside. Andrea is feeling the kicks and the baby's heart is beating strong. They, of course, are not in the clear.. she's had more complications, including contractions which they've been able to stop for now, but they are holding onto faith.

Every day that passes, that sweet baby gets stronger and stronger. I've asked Andrea if I could share her story with y'all if only to get more prayers. She welcomed the extra prayers, but is also thinking of others at a time that a lot of people wouldn't. Here is what she said:

 "Please do request others to pray for us. You are welcome to share our story as you see fit. I have been part of a group of moms all over the would who is suffering the same problem and there are a few success stories. Most of those success stories are from women who refused to give up and found ways to cope with the news that was so heart breaking. I want others to know that there is hope. That no mater the outcome I have enjoyed every little kick, every little hiccup, every little sound of its heart. No matter what, we are now a family of 6!" 

If you could take a moment out of your day and just life this family up. They are such an inspiration! Their faith.. sigh.. I admire it. A true testament. I'll keep you all updated, hopefully with news that baby Reay has defied all odds!


Jen said...

I am sending many prayers and well wishes for your friend and her sweet baby!!!

Kristy said...

Prayers coming for your friend and her baby!!

The Mrs. said...

Oh how my heart is aching for your friend. Sending lots of prayers <3

Mel said...

Done. Many prayers sent.

Alia said...

Praying! Praying! Praying! Both for that sweet baby and the amazing faith of the family