April 23, 2012

A Week with Chuck

I took a little week long hiatus from blogging, unintentionally, because my brother came in town for a visit!

He flew in last Friday night and left Saturday morning. It was so SO nice to have him here for a week and I wish I could have kept him longer. Alas, apparently he has something called a life and had to fly on home. I LOVE for family to come and visit. There is something just comforting about having your family with you in your current "home". Well, I guess not everyone can say that, but for me it definitely is. I loved everything about having him here.. the constant company and the kind of companionship that only a sibling can provide, having someone else to play with Andrew (which the little guy LOVED btw), someone else to eat my food, drive around with, go to the park with, play Draw Something with when you're in the same room together... even the ESPN constantly on in the background.

My favorite part was seeing Andrew bond with his Uncle. At first he was a little clingy to me (which I felt terrible about and kept trying to assure Charlie that I'm sure Andrew likes him.. he just has some mommy issues.. when it turns out he actually had a double ear infection the whole time. Who knew?) But he took to him soon and Andrew just loved him.
They played with lots of Army Men.

Mowed the lawn.

We took a trip to White Sands, New Mexico and played in the sand.

Had a delicious steak dinner at Cattlemen's Steakhouse. We looked at animals afterwards and even fed some rabbits.

Even though we have no pictures to prove it, we also spent a lot of time at various parks, showed Uncle Charlie Scenic Drive, had a cookout, watched a few hockey games (Go Bruins), and just got a lot of quality time together!

I'm always borderline depressed the day family leaves and it's always an emotional scene at the airport, but it's totally worth it. Who's coming out next??

*Also, girls, just so you know... Uncle Charlie is single and obviously good looks run in the family. Plus, he has a great job (Active Duty AF National Guard) and is WONDERFUL with kids*


Mel said...

I love that you basically pimped out your brother at the end! :) Certainly looks like a good catch for any interested single ladies.

I'm glad you got this time with him, and that Andrew got the time too!

Lauren said...

I think uncle Charlie needs a trip to Ireland and I'll show him round! ;-) how does he feel about young Irish red headed aspiring historians?!? ;-)

Jenn said...

Aw, I love that he "helped" mow the grass!! Too cute!
And OMG the kiddie afflictions (rashes, ear infections, viruses, etc)- why have they not come up with some sort of wand that we can wave over them and then it will tell us the problem?! I'm so sick of the not knowing. It's incredibly frustrating...

Anywho... (rant over)... I'm glad you had your brother in town! One of mine is coming up at the beginning of May and I'm really looking forward to it. Plus they're super-sweet with kids. :) Good luck finding his match! Sounds like a keeper!!!

JG said...

What a fun week! Your brother seems like such a sweetheart :)

Charla Welch said...

I'm going to buy you a pimp hat. Especially if he actually hooks up with someone that reads this blog.