April 3, 2012

19 Months

I'm not going to do a full monthly update like I usually do.. or not in the form I usually do at least.. I mostly just felt like talking about my boy and he just so happened to turn 19 months last week. So that's convenient!

Looking at the Sea Lions at the Zoo :) 
I find myself just staring at him lately and being in awe of how BIG he is. When did my little helpless baby become this mostly independent, hilarious, full-of-personality boy who runs around everywhere, plays make believe, tells me when he wants something (not with words.. don't let me fool you), let's me know when he needs a diaper change, climbs playground equipment, and is ready for 2T clothes???

Bucket Head. He thought this was hilarious

It makes me happy, thankful, sad and reminiscent all at the same time. Completely emotional sometimes. And to think that he'll just keep getting bigger and bigger? That I can't reverse time? Ughh.. my heart breaks!

He still wants to sit in my lap when he's drinking his milk and will sometimes sit with his head on my chest right after he wakes up from his nap. It blows my mind how BIG he is in my arms. Almost half of my body length. When did this happen? He's in the Toddler room at CDC and those kids are even bigger and incredibly independent. My baby isn't ready for that, is he? Shouldn't he still be in the Pre-Tod room where they coddle him and baby him? Where he's still allowed to drink out of a sippy cup? Not in a room where there are legitimate lesson plans, right? (for the record.. I LOVE love love that they actually have lesson plans) I just don't know when he became ready for that. Right under my very own nose!

Time Outs are in full force. We don't have to use them a lot and only do for very specific things, but he's gotten the hang of them and they are effective. He'll actually sit in the designated corner for the full minute now. And will come to me for a chat afterwards. I'm glad they are starting to work!

His favorite things at 19 months are:
Me. Dear God in heaven he loves me. Most of the time I love how much he wants me around. Sometimes it makes me take to the bottle, I won't lie.
Daddy. He asked for Daddy about 20 times during the day. Okay.. 10 if I'm not exaggerating. He does not like my answer of "he's at work".
Wheel of Fortune, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies are his favorite shows. Along with Fresh Beat Band still.
His letters and shapes. Tons of fun!
His favorite foods are blueberries, cantaloupe, goldfish, graham crackers, milk and cheese. The kid loves his dairy.
Playgrounds. You better not pass one with him around unless you fully intent to get out and play. It gets ugly.
Still cars, of course.
Balls. Kicking, throwing, catching.
He loves to help me with everything. Laundry. Cleaning (some things, like wiping up messes or throwing trash away). Closing doors. He loves it. So do I!

Climbing all by himself.

His vocabulary is growing, but it's not quite where it should be, I don't think. I'm not too worries yet, he's always done things on his own time. Plus, I'd say with recognizing the entire alphabet and saying most of the letters, he's a little ahead in that aspect.
Some new words are:
Uh-Oh. Choo-Choo. Cheese. Deuce (don't ask). Home. This. That. Pop.

I'm enjoying every moment of this. Almost every moment. Things aren't perfect that's for sure,  I just choose to focus on the ones I do enjoy.
As much as I always knew I wanted to be a mama.. I never fully realized how much. It's definitely the most amazing, all encompassing, rewarding, but hardest thing I've ever done with my life. I'm looking forward to everything the future has to hold!


Mel said...

Glad to see his so healthy and big! And just as much as you want to slow down time, you will also love all the new experiences you have with him!

Give the man a squeeze for me!

Jen said...

He looks like he is such a happy little boy!! :)

Charla Welch said...

We are totally getting together when I get back from Kansas! I'll just come hang out with you and the boy for a while :)

Jenn said...

What a cutie!! I love reading these updates since Sam is a month-ish behind your Drew. Not that I compare or anything.. lol Sam loves his dairy too. And I am super-impressed with the alphabet! Wow! Timeouts are starting to happen around here more often too. They are good for both of us. ;)

Ashley Gaetano said...

He's even started vacuuming ;}