April 10, 2012

Back on FB

I'm back on Facebook again (1. I may have gotten back on 2 days early. That's because Trey was in the field  and I was really bored and I thought I had done a good job with my goals. 2. This little ol' blog page has a FB page now. You should "like" it. )

It was a nice and very much needed break away from the site. I had found myself way too wrapped up in the lives of others and what others thought of what was going on with me. It was taking time away from my family and the things I wanted to get done. It was also causing unneeded stress in my life. I was letting the drama of others seep into my day. So, while I'm not Catholic and don't usually participate in Lent, I thought that would be the perfect time to break myself of the hold FB had over me! I'm aware this all sounds sad and maybe a little pathetic, but it was true.

So what did I do with my time in that almost 40 days? Here's what we've been up to:

I came up with a system to get and keep my house clean. With a toddler and semi-hoarder of a husband, I felt like there was never enough time in the week to get everything done in the house. While my house is nowhere near disgusting, it always could use some work. I have a slight case of undiagnosed ADD (trust me on this one), so I'm not the type that can just go by the seat of my pants. I have to have something to keep me focused. I'm a list-lover so I made a chart and laminated it.

It's broken up into different sections (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly). I know it seems like a little much, but it really works for me. I love the satisfaction of checking stuff off!
As you can see, I also made a monthly meal planner. I made a category for each day (Supper Sunday, Mexican Monday, Pasta Tuesday, Chicken Wednesday, Slow Cooker Thursday, Something New Friday and Sanity-Saving Saturday).

I started (and still am) reading, The Power of a Praying Wife. It's a great book! I'm going slow with it and am really taking time to focus on each chapter. It's starting to really change the way I look at Trey and MOST DEFINITELY is changing the way I pray for him.. and myself.

I got a smartphone and downloaded the Bible app on my phone. I've been doing different "plans" where it gives me a little snippet to read from every day. And I've been doing it.. not just having the intentions!

Andrew and I have had a ton of fun outside. He's a maniac at the parks now. We've made an intentional attempt to visit different parks a few times a week and it's paid off. He is an expert slide user. Has so much less fear with climbing and using all of the equipment. It's also in a way backfired on me. We have to try not to pass a park, while walking or driving, unless we have full intentions of getting out and playing! If we do, a full on tantrum ensues!

Andrew has started in the Toddler room at CDC. It's been a hard transition, but it's starting to get better. When Trey picked him up yesterday, they said he did "much, much better"... that he cried pretty hard for the first 5 minutes, and then played the rest of the time.

Trey and I decided we no longer wanted to wait to expand our family. We tried to get pregnant, were successful, and then lost the baby at 6 weeks. It was my first (and hopefully only) miscarriage. While I can't say that I'm over it, the pain has lessened. I don't go a day without thinking about it, but again, the pain isn't quite as strong. I think about how far along I would have been weekly, but the thought doesn't make me want to be sick. We're dealing in other words and we'll try to get pregnant again as soon as possible.

Trey has had a good bit of field time and there is more to come right around the corner. Andrew and I get in our good rhythms when Daddy is gone, but it's not always easy. What is though, right? It just makes us all the more excited to see him when does get home!

Well, that's about it I guess! While it isn't the most exciting of updates, I can look back and feel good about everything! I'm back on FB because it's the easiest way to keep in touch with family and friends that we've moved away from. If it weren't for them, I'd have no problems with giving it the boot! I no longer feel the need to constantly get on the computer, if certain comments, conversations, or people bother me, I no longer let it sit with me and fester. If there are constant offenders I have no problem clicking "defriend".. as it should be. It just doesn't matter anymore. The drama of FB doesn't exist to me, my house is in best shape possible under the circumstances and it's not causing me anxiety attacks just walk in it, and we're having a copious amount of fun as a family.
Mission Successful!


Mel said...

Glad to have you back! Missed you!

I love your cleaning calendar and meal planner - looks awesome!

Oh, I'm so proud of you for how you've taken what happened and used it to strengthen your role as wife and mommy (and friend)! You rock!

JG said...

You've come a long way in 40 days! Great job! :)

Steph said...

Sounds like you got a lot of stuff done.

I've been thinking of you. Hope you are doing well and keeping a smile on your face!

Jen said...

Sounds like you have had a very successful 40 days!!! :) Great job!

Jennifer Dignazio said...

I am IMPRESSED with the chore chart and meal planner! I am very much a list person, so that really appeals to me. :) Glad you had a good Lent!