November 4, 2009

Right where I'm meant to be

My meeting this morning at the food bank could not have gone any better! I feel like after a month and 1/2 of being here that I finally found my purpose. I left there today with no doubt that I'm right where I'm supposed to be.
I walk in and meet with the director and we immediately start talking about football when I tell her I'm from SC. They've always lived in OK but her and her son are big Gamecock and SEC fans in general. Hmm.. sign number 1.
She tells me that their biggest need for help right now is in the clerical area. Hello, I'm your girl. That's MY area. When she showed me all the paperwork, files that need to be kept up with, and data entry that needs to be done everyday - my heart started fluttering. Sign number 2. I am going to learn every bit of how everything works first though because I'm curious like that.. and that way I'll be able to jump in and help in other areas when needed.
This was a HUGE eye opener for me today. I thought they could only give away non-perishable items.. but they do the whole shabang. They feed, on average, 50 families a day and that only rises as the holidays get closer. They also will take furniture, clothing... anything. She doesn't want to turn anything down that people want to give because you just never know what someone might need. Some of their customers are sleeping on the floor every night.

My heart could just NOT be anymore content and full than it is right now. It's so sad to see the conditions some people are living in and I'm extremely thankful that I can make a difference in some of their lives. I think this opportunity is really going to make me see how much I have to be thankful for. We're all so quick to want more and more, but never really stopping to remember that we're lucky to even have the income to have a roof over our heads. I can't wait to start there... which is Monday by the way... I'm sure you'll here all about it!

On another note - I may try and do a 5K next month. One of the volunteers is heading it up I guess and told me briefly about it. I've been doing more running than usual, so I'm thinking about kicking up the training for it and giving it a shot... what do you runners think? A little over a month enough time to get ready?


Shannon said...

So excited for you! And DO THE 5K! You have plenty of time to get ready for it & they are so much fun!! Your hubby might even want to do it with you! Greg and I love to run them together..and I'm not gonna lie when I tell you that we compete something horrible with each other! :)

high heels said...

That sounds like a great opportunity!!

I'm doing my first 5K on the 21st---the Turkey Trot. But a girl is seriously out of shape so I'm praying I will survive it :)

My Army Brats and Me said...

Perfect:) Sounds like you are doing great! I will try to catch up on your blog this weekend.

fighting like a girl

Steph said...

That's great!!! I hope you love it, get to help lot of people, and feel great about yourself for doing it! Make sure you tell us all about it.

As for the 5k... I'd rather lay on a bed of nails, but that's just me.

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

That sounds so amazing! I'm so glad you are finding your reason for being there :)

I've been debating doing a 5K too but I can't get my butt in gear and get motivated!

Ashleigh said...

aww I am so happy for you!! I can tell it is a perfect fit!
Good luck with everything- cant wait to hear all about it!

JG said...

Sounds great! I'm sure this will help you stretch and grow. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Good luck with the 5k. Power to ya!

Luray va accommodations said...

Brilliant article, and thanks for sharing. I'm very happy to find this post and this opportunity is really going to make you!! Good luck.

Best Regards,

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great! I'm so glad that you're happy with it and that you already love it!

BSS said...

It says a lot about your character that you seem so happy and excited about your volunteering job! I hope you love it!!