November 4, 2009

My favorite show

2 posts in one day ~ What? I wanted to save this special subject for it's own post. For my favorite show. You know... So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, friends, it's that time again. Let's discuss...

My favorite dance - by far - of the night was Kathryn and Legacy's contemporary dance.. one of my favorite styles. This one was about her conquering her fear (him portraying the fear). It reminded me a lot of Mia Michaels' dance from last year about addiction. Here's the link. It's worth your time, promise. *I still haven't figured out how to embed videos. It never works for me*

My 2nd favorite would have to be Karen and Kevin's hip hop routine. It was pretty sick if I do say so myself. They were even put on the hot tamale train for it.. wooot wooooooot!

Molly and Nathan did a great job with the Bollywood.. that is quickly becoming a favorite also. I can't find a video for this one, so you are spared.
They are all so good this season, it's going to be heartbreaking to see a lot of them go. I was pretty pleased with the results last night though. If only the Phillies would hurry up and end baseball season, in their favor of course so we can get back to two shows a week... that would be lovely!


Ashleigh said...

wow. that dance about her conquering the fears....that really moved me. that was awesome!!

Shannon said...

Kevin & Karen's hip hop routine seriously was sick. Hip hop is my favorite style...and they killed it last night. I can't believe a latin ballroom dancer could be so fabulous at other styles!

The Neffs said...

Hey girl! To answer your question yes, I am involved in the Frg. I am actually the Frg leader for my husbands company. I have really enjoyed giving back to the soldiers and their families. It has been a great experience!

Thanks it is so sweet having children and your husband and you will love the blessing of little ones! It is also sweet to see your husband be a Daddy...It will make you fall in love all over again!

I am so glad your meeting went well! Thats awesome! Have a great day!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I still haven't watched this show!