November 26, 2009

Hot Tamale Train

Today, on top of everything else, I'm thankful for So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously. It makes me so happy as you know. I'm smiling from deep down in my soul after catching up from earlier this week that I had to show you who I put on my very own hot tamale train!

Ashleigh and Jakob's Lyrical Jazz routine:

Kathryn and Legacy's Jazz routine (I have to say.. these two are quickly becoming my favorite):

My absolute favorite of the night.. Noelle and Russell's contemporary! So So So beautiful! Russell is another one of my favorites. For those of you who don't watch this show and have gotten this far in my post about something you're not particularly interested (I love you for that by the way), Russell and Legacy (the one above) have NO actual training. Russell used to do hip hop dancing in tha streets... Legacy was a beat boy. They have been so AH-MAZING that they bring tears to my eyes!

I also though Mollee and Nathan's Can-Can dance was adorable and like the judges said - perfect for their cute little selves!
I'm not very sad to see Karen go... I can do without her, but I am VERRRY happy to see Victor go. Just was not a fan.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. We have had our turkey and Trey is passed out on the couch as a result!

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Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving, lovely!! :)