November 30, 2009

The Random Post

Well Thanksgiving is officially over and December is almost here. It's now acceptable to turn on the Christmas lights every day, light the Christmas Tree scented candles, and listen to Christmas music at every single opportunity I have. Love it!

Clearly, as you can see from my last two posts, that a lot of my weekend revolved around football. As it should be. And it's not over yet. The Patriots play tonight! They'd be doing me a huge favor by beating the Saints. That way all of my teams would pull out wins this. So Brady, no mistakes okay? Yes, you are gorgeous every.single.minute of your life, but try and stay calm in the pocket per usual, no interceptions.. got it? And Moss... stay open. Make it exciting for me tonight okay? Jump over the defenders. Do a flip into the end zone or something. And Welker.. my favorite. You just keep running your cute, little legs off when you get that ball and make mama proud. This is all I request boys. Think we can handle it tonight?

We saw The Blind Side last night! AH-mazing movie!! I am buying it the second it comes out on DVD. It was perfect... made me think, laugh, and cry. But just the right amount of cry. No sobbing. Just a little tear. I LOVED Sandra Bullock's character and could not get enough of SJ. I would like my future child to be just like him.
The movie really made me think about how quick we are to judge. I try really hard not to, and for the most part do a pretty good job, but we all do it. We're human. It's just amazing to think about the hundreds of people we come in contact with a day and we never really know their story. The homeless person we deny giving our spare change to. The mother we roll our eyes at because she can't control her kid. The teenage boy with his pants below his waist we avoid going near and hold our purses a little tighter. And really, just any normal person we come in contact with on a daily basis. I know, we can't all be Sandra Bullock and take them all into our homes. But maybe just a smile here and there can make all the difference. Or taking the time to really listen to someone when given the opportunity. We just all have our stories and life gives us all a different hand. I think it's sad that, a lot of the times, instead of reaching out, we go so far as to even avoid making eye contact.

I believe I am getting sick. I've been fighting it for a couple of weeks, but there's no ignoring the soreness of my throat now. I'm not going in to the food bank today and may even make a doctor's appointment soon. Can't let any illness play a part in my trip HOME for Christmas!!! (in 19 short days)


Tori and Chad said...

Honeychild, I love you but there is absolutely NEVER an acceptable time to light a Christmas Tree smelling candle! Whatever, I'm trying not to be my usual scrooge self so you do whatever you want to make yourself happy!

And I cannot wait to see The Blind Side!!!

Julie said...

I hope you feel better soon! I can't wait to see that movie!

Steph said...

I think I'm gonna talk the hubs into taking me to that movie. Glad to hear you get to go home for xmas.

JG said...

I really want to see that movie! Just haven't found the time yet. It also makes me think about the power of adoption. So many older kids get left in the system because they are older and other movies and TV shows have told us that all older kids are there because they are disturbed or dangerous, when that's not the case.

Yay for going home for Christmas!

Betty said...

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