October 12, 2009

Weedkend Recap

Technically, we're still on our weekend (Thank You Mr. Columbus), but since Trey is very very occupied with the PlayStation 3 (war games too... you'd think he got enough of that during the week) I figured I'd come on here and rehash the weekend. It went by too fast per usual!


Trey got home later then he expected so we didn't do much. Hung around the house and scoffed at enjoyed my screw up of a dinner. Lesson learned: fresh basil measurements and basil from the jar measurements are not equal! The little Italian dish I tried out was a big fat FAIL. So we had plain ol' psghetti instead. For the second time this week. I haven't cooked in 8 months (unless you count easy mac). It's NOT like riding a bike. After that we watched a movie - Insomnia - and fell asleep. Pretty exciting night, no?


Got up and made breakfast. Another FAIL. Long story but with the help of my mother yesterday, I realized I had the toaster on bake, not toast. That's why the english muffins were not browning and after 10-15 minutes of trying to brown them, they were hard as a rock. Literally. They were baking at 375 degrees the entire time. Poor hubs ate them anyways. At least the eggs, turkey bacon, and coffee were all a success. Grrrr
After that we met a few other couples for Oktoberfest, which I had long been awaiting with baited breath for 2 weeks. Had a good time - of course - but it was NOTHING like I expected. It was empty! Very much geared towards the chilren. Here's a few pics: *Or not? Blogger didn't like my Oktoberfest pics I guess!*

I missed out on the Carolina game, but thankfully had a friend texting me score updates. We won, but I hear it wasn't too pretty. We did get to watch the FL/LSU game that night.. I was hoping for a big fat Florida loss... only bc that would have put us at #1 in the SEC East. Can't get everything we want I guess!


Went to Oklahoma City for the day with another couple. This was more of a boys trip... the main goal was to go to a shooting range... but I WAS curious. I went in there thinking I was pretty bad ass, but I have to admit, I immediately cowered in a chair and jumped out of my skin every time a gun went off. I was terrified! I did shoot off my 9 milli, but it was not so much fun for me. My palms were pouring sweat. I don't know if I'll be making any more trips to the range! We had dinner in front of the Patriots game per my demands requests... that was a mistake. Lost in overtime. But the day did end in a huge success with a trip to Target. Ahhh Target, how I missed you!!

That's about it. Having a pretty lazy day today, but I'm being dragged out in the torrential winds in just a few minutes to make the almost daily trip to Walmart. Hubs goes back to the barracks tonight until Friday and I actually have a pretty busy week ahead of me!


JG said...

Fun! Where did you go shooting? David is a member of a range in Norman. We haven't been in FOREVER - and since it's an outdoor range, I'm not sure if we'll get the chance to go again before he leaves. :( And I was hoping Florida would loose, too. Mostly just cause I hate Florida. :)Since being Big 12 their conference standings don't really matter to me except when it comes to Bowl assignments.

New Girl on Post said...

I must be dense, because I didn't realize you were living in my home state! AH!! I miss Oklahoma so much sometimes.

Have you been to Ted's Escondito yet? If not...go NOW! It's heavenly. Should be a few locations in OKC and Edmond.

Steph said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Don't worry, you will get the hang of cooking again.

Am I showing up on your reader again or did you lose me?

*L* @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm occasionally a disaster in the kitchen too, so it's totally ok :)

P.S. I left something for you on my blog today!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you got to spend some time together. I'm sure the cooking will get easier with time. I'm still sticking to my three dishes I can make lol