October 5, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Need some fashion help over here!

I wouldn't say that I'm completely clueless when it comes to the fashion department, but really I keep things very simple. My daily winter wardrobe will always include jeans and a sweater. The fanciest I get is adding some layers in. I love the whole sweater dress paired with boots look, but it's so not me. So I'm having a hard time picking anything out. I realized I wasn't the only one having this problem when I read my cousin Kim's post yesterday.

I know I like these boots from Target. But that's all I got. I have no clue what I'd match them up with. Sounds like an easy enough task, but I swear when I start looking, my new found ADD starts acting up. I start looking at a million different things, get way too sidetracked, start worrying about whether I need the brown, light brown, black or grey boots... blah blah blah and then I give up.

So where do I go to easily find cute fallish dresses to wear with these boots I don't yet have??


Julie Q said...

I actually just picked up 2 dresses from target that i love!!!

Shannon said...

cute boots! :) I just purchased brown & black pairs of riding boots from Target for Fall! I also stopped by Old Navy & found some seriously cute dresses! Go check them out! I LOVE the plaid ones with such boots as the ones you have picked out. There is a cream plaid tunic that would be adorable with some leggings and your boots! And they also have some fabulous long sleeved dresses that are more lightweight than a sweater dress! Anddd, they won't break the bank ;) GL lovely lady!

Charlotte said...

This fall pair slouchy boots with a cute mini and oversized sweater! Throw in some opaque leggings and you're good to go! Pair high heeled boots with a cute patterned dress and you can't go wrong! Don't go for chunky heels though, stay slim (think stilettos) for your high heeled boots! They were all over the market in Atlanta when we were there! Also go PLAID!

Steph said...

I'm no help here. I just stick with the jeans and sweaters. ;)

SCH said...

Express has some super cute sweater dresses for fall!

Kate said...

Boots! Ahh...the essential fall accessory! I had my Mom pick some up for me, she is travelling to Japan this weekend!

I found some cute pairs at Payless. They are also have a BOGO sale - they have some cute flats and heels. Reasonable prices - I totally miss this about the states. I suggested this to your cousin's blog too! :)