October 20, 2009

Feelin the Love!

I'm so so late in posting this, but I've gotten another award - you girls are too much! LAUREN (now that we know her real name) @ Dreams take flight passed this on to me last week... thanks bud!

The rules for this one are simple; just share five things you are obsessed with, and then pass the award on to five of the most fabulous blogs you read!

Here are my latest obsessions:

1. Starbucks - I've always had a little soft spot for this place, but since I've moved to Lawton it's been my saving grace. An expensive obsession? Maybe, but I love going there to meet up with a friend, hang out with hubs (yes, I was blessed with a husband who likes coffee and coffee shops even more so than I), or just to go by myself to get out of the house with a book.

2. Lists - I've turned into a compulsive list maker over the past two weeks. I get so much more done and get it done one thing at a time when I have my lists. I think it's curing my little case of ADD actually. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing stuff during my days and the feeling I get when I cross stuff off the list - Priceless!

3. My camera - it's nothing too fancy, and I am by no means a pro (or anywhere near it), but I've been taking pictures of everything out here. I love showing people back home what I'm doing out here. Which reminds me - I have a post to do about the hiking we did over the weekend. Pics to come tomorrow hopefully.

4. My laptop - I'm stretching to find 5 things I'm obsessive with but this is always one of them. More specifically the internet I guess. Allows me to keep in touch with so many people that I normally wouldn't just by phone. Between facebook, blogging, and plain ol' email - I think we're all set!

5. The Gym - I live for my gym time in the mornings now. I didn't go but once last week and I'm pretty sure that's what caused the slight funk I was in (of which I don't think I blogged about). I'm back to it this week and feel great! It's the one thing I know I'll be able to do every day for myself.

Passing this one on to:

Jessica at The Dent's Deal. Another one of my IRL friends that just started up a blog. She's only done one post, but I know it'll be just as fabulous as she is :)

Beth at Just Ask Beth, High Heels and Combat Boots (did you go private? I can't get on your blog all of a sudden), Jennifer at Crazy Shananigens, and Steph at Watching Airplanes


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, thanks girl!!!

JG said...

I am the same way with my laptop. It has a desk, but is it ever on it? No. It's permanently staked out next to the couch. I have a feeling in a couple of weeks it may take Hubs' place on the bed. In a very non-perverted way.

Steph said...

Wow! Thanks! I am an obsessive list maker too.