October 2, 2009

I Forgot My Anniversary!!

Thanks for all of your input on that email I received the other day! I've decided not to go with it. I'm not totally convinced it's a scam (I took Becca's advice and googled the email address - nothing negative came up, in fact a lot of other bloggers have heard from her and have taken her up on her offer - who's to say nothing happened with them though), but basically it comes down to me not wanting to take the risk. Not worth it. I didn't make this blog in order to make any money off it... not that I'd complain if I did.. but it's not my goal. Problem solved ~ moving on ~

I realized - almost a month too late - that I've been blogging for a year now! I really can't believe that. When I started this, I never knew it would become this much a part of my life. I've said this before, but I am extremely thankful for the friends I've met over this. Y'all got me through one of the toughest parts of my life that I've had to experience so far. This kept me sane and all of you kept me happy, grounded, and in the know when it comes to everything Army. It thrills me to think about where we'll get stationed next.. chances are it could very well be near any of you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed at least. We'll be moving again before you know it!

Major success story of the week:
Hubs and I were at Starbucks last night (for the my 3rd time this week..) when I spotted her. The one girl I've been looking for since I got here. You know... the one with the fabulous haircut. I walk up to her immediately and beg kindly ask where she gets her hair done. "Oh", she says, "I work at so and so. Right down the street". She's a hairdresser!! She gave me her card with a promise of $5 off on it. I know a good cut when I see one!! I'll be making my appointment shortly. I pray they wax eyebrows as well bc these monsters ARE NOT looking so hot!


JG said...

Happy Bloggiversary! And good luck with the hair appointment.

Carrie said...

Aw, happy late blogging anniversary! :)

Shannon said...

yay for finding a fabulous hair stylist! :) I have had no such luck here in Virginia. :( However, I made my trip home over Labor Day for a hair cut with my regular stylist. I hope I have better luck in Alaska!! Ekk!
Happy Weekend lovely! :)

Kate said...

Finding a good hairdresser is hard! SO YAY! Everytime I fly back home I make an appointment with the woman that has been cutting my hair since I was a little girl. Eventually I have to get over that.

So Happy Blog Anniversary! :) When do you find out where you are being stationed?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

yay! Glad you found someone. It's always so hard finding someone good to do hair!

Steph said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on finding someone to do your hair!