September 30, 2009

~Happy Humpday~

With my recent, brief bout of self-diagnosed depression, and my finding that I had nothing to worry about in the first place, I've decided to put more focus on the positive aspects on my life. I have to give credit to Kate for this idea. I was reading her blog yesterday where she listed 10 items that made her happy, when I thought to myself that I should dedicate one post a week to the things that have put a smile on my face or I am thankful for during the previous week. Wednesday seems to be the day because it was the only clever Title I could come up with...
1. a week ago today was my 2nd last day at work. The 4 layer Godiva chocolate cake sho did make me smile. And I was definitely thankful for all my co-workers who sat around joking and chatting it up while we ate that small piece of heaven.
2. My family. Spending the last two nights I had in town with them was great. Especially Friday night when we went to San Jose for dinner and sat outside in the perfect weather enjoying the food and drinks. Then having a glass or two of wine with my mom on the deck when we got back home.
3. Verrryyyy thankful for a uneventful trip out here to Oklahoma. I feel like it could have gone a lot worse.
4. The 2nd morning of my trip when I looked around me in somewhere, Arkansas and felt that pride of knowing I had made it all by myself. This is a huge accomplishment for me!
5. Walking in to our apartment for the first time and seeing not only my husband, but the flowers and card he had for me as well.
6. Rediscovering each other has definitely made me happy. I'm loving all the time we're spending together right now :)
7. Driving around this new town by myself and checking things out. I love driving down the road, looking over to the left and seeing little mountains. Huge change of scenery for me and I love it.
8. Our new kitchen table, chairs, and couch being delivered yesterday.
9. Realizing that delivery boys are from SC and chatting them up about that!
10. Having one girlfriend in town already. Not someone I met brand new, but a couple that I met while Trey was in OCS.
11. DVR
12. Went to dinner Monday night at Chili's and felt good knowing that 100% of their proceeds went to St. Judes Children's Hospital.
13. Speaking of food... trying out restaurants that are new to me excites me greatly. I can't wait to try (good thing I've been spending lots of time in the gym)

That's it for this week!


JG said...

"little mountains." Thanks for that, most transplants accuse us of only having hills. :) And DVR is pretty wonderful.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

If they have a Romano's totally hit it up because it's GREAT food!

Kate said...

Those are AWESOME things to be happy out!
DVR. Awesome. Slightly Jealous!

We just got a Chili's on base. Aaaamazing! And if your money is going to a Charity while you enjoy their margaritas - that is even better! :)

Ashleigh said...

i am SO SO SO SO proud of you :)

Carrie said...

Great list! I especially love how number 11 speaks for itself. ;)

Meg said...

Great list! I'm glad to see you in better spirits!