September 24, 2009

Moving Day!

Well after all the waiting and all the drama ~sorry about all that~ the big day is finally here. As we speak right now, my house is being rampaged, clearing out room by room. I feel a little awkward. What should I be doing? I've made all the small talk I think I can possibly make (even I have my limit), offered up drinks, it's a strange part of the day to offer any food... so here I am. Standing around blogging while they're clearing out my house.
I have to say - they do a great job. So far at least. What a relief to see other people come in here and do all this crap for me. With my little ADD problem this would have taken me months to get done!
Side note: I'm pretty sure one of them is ganking our liquor. He opened the liquor cabinet and had this conversation with me:
him: all this going?
me: I didn't think you could take any of that.. you know.. being liquid and all.
him: Oh no no.. we can take that.
*he mumbles incoherent nothings as I sadly say goodbye to my yum flavored vodkas, secretly knowing I'll never see them again*

Now that everything is starting to get on a roll, I'm pretty pumped to get on the road Saturday morning. All that's left for me is one more night out with some coworkers tonight, a day of cleaning and buying a GPS, and Friday night with my family. I hope to be in Oklahoma by Sunday night!!

Later added:
I'm convinced this stuff really only happens to me. Luckily I enjoy laughing at myself.
Man those movers are nice and thoughtful. Not only do they come and load up all of your stuff for you so you don't have to lift a finger ~ they then turn around and leave you a gift!! What? They've never left any of you anything? Let me share! Minutes after they leave, I attempt you use the little girls room. As I lift open the toilet seat I have to back away to keep from losing the pizza I just ate. Mr. Mover Man's pizza got to him apparently and decided to relieve himself in my bathroom. He also decided to clog the toilet something fierce. AFTER he packed the plunger I guess. Reaaallyyyyy??? Then he had the audacity to shake my hand before he left. Niiccee.. looks like I'm adding Lowe's into my above list of things to do.


Kate said...

Well let me be the first on the blog to wish you a very safe drive! Enjoy the simple fact that you don't need to lift a finger today!! It really is amazing and a little uncomfortable watching these men pack your whole world up!

Have a great rest of the week/weekend with friends and family!

Good Luck!

Steph said...

Have a safe trip. But get the vodka back!!!

Kimberly said...

Have a good trip! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get there!

Carrie said...

Have a great trip! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. And I agree with Steph, get that back! ;)

Emil Kirstein said...

Relocating can be both nerve-wrecking and exciting at the same time. Blessings.

Amber said...

Make sure they don't pack your keys!!

Teresa said...

Moving is always exciting but also stressful. Yuck! :)

I hope you have a great one :)

JG said...

Have a safe trip! I wish the weather here was better the welcome you :(

BTW, I tagged you on my blog today. Come check it out!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

haha wow!!! I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he was really embarrassed by it. Plus I really hope your booze makes it!

JG said...

Ugh, that's nasty!

Actually I live in Oklahoma City, about an hour from Ft. Sill, but that's not bad. The town of Chickasha is about halfway in between, and they have the cutest light festival for the holidays.

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Just found your blog! Have a safe move!

And GAG! that is so gross!