September 7, 2009


I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs this morning, Home is Where the Army Sends Us, and had to swipe the idea for myself! I don't have much mental capacity today so here it is:

Sitting... on the futon. Somewhat watching an old episode of Intervention.
Drinking...Nothing at the moment but seriously debating getting a cup of OJ to take my Zyrtec D.
Noting... that since Trey's gotten home there seems to be a lot of random junk appearing all over the house again. I thought I had this all under control. Where is all this crap coming from?
Weighing...the pluses and minuses of showering today. I'd rather not but it may be necessary. I really should at least wash my face.
Tired...yes! From staying up/out too late and getting up earlier than I wanted to.
Thinking... about waaayyy too much. There's usually about 20 random thoughts going through my mind at any given time. It's a wonder a don't go insane.
Wondering... if I should go outside and help Trey with yard work. And if I did would I be doing much good? I feel pretty worthless right now.
Reading... Jodi Piccoult's latest, "Handle With Care". I love it and can't wait to finish it.
Recently finished... said episode of Intervention.
Also wondering...what I'm going to do with my life in Oklahoma.
Needing... more money.
Not liking... know what? I can't think of anything at the top of my head. Why force myself to think about something I'm not liking if I'm not thinking about it already. I'm skipping this one!
Feeling silly... ha! For staying out too late with some girlfriends and drinking more than I intended. And for having to call hubs at a somewhat horrible hour to pick us up. Then having to do the walk of shame this morning in the parking lot I left my car at while the cooks were having a good chuckle to themselves asking me if I had a good night last night.


Katie said...

I watch Intervention and I DONT KNOW WHY! It depresses me! but...intrigues me! I feel like a loser.

ps: laughing at your last paragraph ;) hope it was a GREAT night!

Steph said...

That's funny about the walk of shame in the parking lot. Hope you had a good time.

Ashleigh said...

hahaha someone had a good night!!