November 1, 2008


I am still sick. Though I wouldn't quite call it miserable anymore. Definately not with a capital M.
I was persuaded to go back to the doctor Thursday afternoon and he put me on yet another antibiotic. I was fine all day yesterday, convinced myself I was going to the Carolina/Tennessee game after all. Not so much. I am resigned to the couch all day. I'm just now starting to slow down on the coughing from 7:30 last night. Yuck. The frigid air of the 7:00ish football game would probably not be so good for me. Very disappointed. Oh welllll...

Last night went pretty well (besides the continuous coughing). My chili came out very well despite all odds. We got through the first two Saw movies. I fell asleep within the first 15 minutes of number three, so we'll have to continue that saga at some point. Buuttt... I only had 4 trick-or-treaters. I was looking forward to seeing many many customes. The ones that did come were adorable though! And that leaves me with one huge problem. Lots and lots of Halloween candy left in my house. I will be taking it all to the office Monday morning. If it makes it that long.. teehheee..

My brother signed his paperwork with the Air Force (National Guard I think). He'll be taking his test in the next week or two and getting his physical down. He's excited. This kid shows NO emotion. NONE. But he was very animated while describing his morning and talking about his options. I hope it works out for him.. I'm sure it will!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I can see myself getting pretty restless laying around here all day. Maybe I'll finish my Eclipse book and move on to the 4th story. And get some laundry done of course. Maybe make it over to Mum's house to pick up some candles. We got a lot of orders this week :)


Just Ask Beth said...

My soup is DELISH!! I will definitely bring you some and sure it will be the cure to what AILS YOU.. Because TRUST ME people I CANNOT hear that Cough/GAG sound anymore.. Just kidding Punky I know you don't feel good you didn't even flirt with SALESBOY at all this week.. Your eyes looked puny and your smile half hearted.. Take Care
Your MUM at the office

preppy little dress said...

get well soon!

Heather said...

Like my mom, I'm very grateful for the committment your brother is making to our country. I know you are very proud of him!! :)