November 6, 2008

These are a few of my *un*favorite things

One of my fav bloggers did a post today on her top 10 pet peeves and it inspired me. I don't know why I wanted to do it immediately since it will make me think of things that make my blood boil but it just looked fun. And it might be interesting to see if anyone has the same peeves or if some of mine are just completely off the wall. At any rate.. here they are. I don't think they'll be in any particular order. Thanks, Heather, for the inspiration!

1. Being lied to
This is definately my number one pet peeve. I HATE when people lie to me. There's really no need for it. It doesn't matter what I'm being lied to about. It could be anything from "oh no... I really can't come shopping with you because I have have a funeral to go to" to "Yeah.. your hair looks great" when really I look like a fool. Just tell me the truth. It takes a lot to make me mad and when I do get mad I'm over it in about 2 and 1/2 minutes. Just tell me the truth!

2. Cotton Balls
*I'm so glad to know i'm not the only one* It's hard for me to even type this while thinking about it. Ughgghhhhh.. I'm cringing. I can't stand the feel of it in my hand. And the thought of stretching it out.. OMG. I break out in chill bumbs and shudder. I can't be around them.

3. When people go in out doors and out in doors.
I know I know.. why let something like that get to you?? It really does though. Just bc that out door may be closer to you.. it's not there for you to go in. It's for people to go out. And bc you want to go in, people who are using it for it's correct purpose, to go out, have to get out of your way. Just walk the extra foot to the in door please.

4. Not being on time.
That goes for other people and for the rare times that I'm late. I understand the occasional slip. For other people this is more of a gripe if your habitually late. Please don't make me wait and wait and wait. It's rude actually. And for myself, I consider being on time late. I like to be somewhere *lets say work for example* early. If I'm going to be at work right at 8:30, I spaz just a little, call our amazing receptionist, and tell her I may be late. I get panicky. Crazy? Maybe a little.

5. People not using their blinkers.
There's not much I can say on this one. Other than, if I'm waiting to turn on a street, and your driving down said street, please put your blinker on if your turning on the street I'm on. I could have pulled out a full 3 or 4 seconds earlier if I knew you were turning. Now I just sat there and waited and waited watching you make your turn. You better hope that I wasn't running late!!

6. Judgement.
Now I'm not perfect on this note. I do try to check myself when I realizing I'm doing it though. Along with this category is racism.. ignorance.. you know. I don't live in a "let's hold hands and sing together" kind of world, but I do think we could all do a little bit of a better job of being tolerant of each other. I understand that we all judge a little bit, we're human, it's what we do. But when it consumes you and becomes hate.. that's when I think it's rediculous (?). Don't be ugly!

7. Insects.
All of them. The small, the big, the creepy, the crawly. I don't like them. I don't want them around me. I spaz when they decide to come around me anyway. I've been like this since I've been able to breathe so i'm not sure this will ever go away.

8. Satellite TV.
For the most part it's ok. But for those two or three times it's happened in the past 9 months.. curse you Dish TV. Nothing's worse than being in the middle of your favorite show and having it go out on you. You want to see mad?? Don't worry.. I'll get over it.

9. Something being right on the tip of my tounge but I can't quite get it out. It will consume me and I will not rest until I get it.

I really can't think of one more at the moment and I'm spending way too much time sitting here racking my brain. So there's my list. That was nice.. getting it off my chest. I would love to hear some of everyone else's strange peeves!


Heather said...

I literally cringed reading about stretching cotton out....ahhhg!!! I have chill bumps!!
I am with you on the "tip on my tongue" thing too! Yesterday morning (7:30ish) I was talking to a lady at work that sits in the cubicle next to me and I COULD NOT think of a certain word. I kept it in the back of my mind ALL day and around 2:30 shouted it out when it suddenly came to me. Of course, by that point, no one knew what I was talking about, but it made me feel better!!

Just Ask Beth said...

I agree about the Cotton Balls! EWW!

Anonymous said...

I'm LOL at the cotton balls. But I totally agree with you on people being late all the time and am the same way that being on time is late, if you plan to meet at 7:00pm; get there 6:50 - 6:55. 7pm does not mean 7:20!
And I second Judgement, too. I cannot stand people that judge.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you and Heather aren't twins? Maybe I had two daughters and you were stolen at birth (just kidding). Odd coincidence about the cotton ball thing and she does HATE bugs...

Heather's M

Heather said...

Award for you at my place!! :) Come get it!