September 29, 2011

~ 13 Months ~

Holy Moly... do I have a toddler or what? I do. I do. I have a very.. ummm.. strong willed toddler. He is still as sweet as ever, but I think he just gets so frustrated. He wants to do so much on his own, but still needs me to help him out. I can see how that would be a little angering.. don't you? So we work through the tantrums and soak up the sweet moments even more so! Like when he crawls towards me, saying "maaama" every so sweetly, climbs in my lap and rests his head on my shoulder. Yeahhh... I'll take that all day!

Stats: He doesn't have another well baby appointment until 18 months, so unless we need to go to the doctor before than for any reason, I won't know his exact height and weight for a while.
He's wearing mostly all 18 months clothes. Definitely 18-month shirts, onesies and PJ's. Almost ready for 24 months for PJs. Can still get away with 12-month pants. The waist in everything is too big for him, so I've given up on that! Ha!

- Car (ca)
- Dog (daw)
- Outside (ou-taaaa)
- Dada and sometimes daddddy
- Maaama
Yes... those have been his first words. In that order. Don't worry.. I know where I stand anyways :)
He's been saying Dada for quite a while now, but now he actually associates the word with Trey.

Food: Ummm... everything? There is nothing he won't eat! Except he wouldn't eat spaghetti the other night. That could have just been coincidence though. (For those that have children that are a little older and are picky eaters.... were they ever like Andrew is? I'm afraid to be too confident in his eating now if he's guaranteed to go through the picky stage later.)
He especially loves vegetables.. I know.. I know.. I don't know where it comes from. If I put every food group on his high chair tray.. I promise you he will go for the veggies first. No, I'm not complaining :) Still just drinking whole milk and water. Not at the same time of course.

Naps: Up until Monday, he was still taking 2 naps a day. He was in the process of moving them between a half hour or an hour later in the day, but he was still taking them. The morning nap was lasting and hour and 1/2. Either the same for the afternoon nap or as long as 2 hours. Since Monday... not the same story. He's refusing his morning nap. He will scream and scream and scream some more until I go and get him. So we've moved his afternoon nap up a bit and we'll see how that goes! Unfortunately for me, that nap isn't lasting any longer.

-Playing Patty Cake
- Making that indian noise by hitting his mouth with his hand.
- Saying Mama and Dada and associating it with us.
- Shaking and nodding his head. Especially while dancing. Kids got some moves.
- Plays Peek-a-boo. By either pulling his blanket over his head or crouching down behind the ottoman.

He still isn't walking yet, but is cruising along furniture much more and much faster. He's walking a little more while holding onto his car too.
He's getting a little attached to his blanket. He's never had a security item before so that was a little out of the blue for me.
He's getting really good at being able to tell me what he wants. Pointing at things. Saying "CAA" in an incredibly needy and urgent tone if his car goes under the couch, the entertainment center or in the pantry. And you know.. good old-fashioned meltdowns. We've just started to teach him Sign Language. Hopefully that works out.
He loves to make towers out of two or three of his blocks at a time. He loves even more so to knock them down.
Cars is still his favorite movie and is a magical lifesaver in a pinch. Or for babysitters :)
He's all of a sudden terrified of dogs when he's always loved them. Normal? He still likes them from afar. On TV, in books or from far away. Not so much when they get close to him though.
He still loves reading his books together, but he's got a little too confident with turning the pages. He rarely gives me the time to finish reading what's on the page.. silly boy!
Your Daddy suggested that you go to CDC (daycare) a little more often because you are slightly attached to me. You do not like to be away from me. So, I bring you in twice a week, only for an hour and 1/2 and things are getting better. Plus, you are in watch care for a few hours every Wednesday morning so I can go to PWOC. I don't always like to drop you off, but I know it's good for the both of us. It does warm my heart to sneak up on you when I pick you up and watch you for a little bit. It's usually nap time when I do come to get you, but you're never sleeping. One time you were even trying to wake up the other kids by banging on their little cots... haha! You're going to be THAT child, aren't you??
He loves his independent play. Which I know is a good thing. But sometimes he's already pushing me away when he just wants to play by himself. LOL.. he'll literally pick up his toy that he is playing with and go to another room if I try to play with him when he doesn't want me to.
This kid cracks me up!

13 Months

Because in reality, that's what a lot of our day looks like lately!

Andrew, we love you so very much! Even when you look like you do in the picture above ;)
You make my heart explode with love and you make your Daddy more proud than he ever thought possible. I can't imagine my life existing without you!


Mel said...

I seriously just want to love on that kid - he is so stinking awesome, even when he's being a pain!

Can't wait to see ya'll!

Kaycee said...

I feel like he was just born!!! He's growing up too fast!