September 9, 2011

Mummy Post

I'm just gonna sit here this morning and gush and boast about my baby. Because I can. Because I don't do it often enough. Because he's hit mama in the face about 20 times since last night and I need to focus on the positives. Because who wouldn't want to sit here for the next 5..10.. minutes (depending on how slow of a reader you are. Also depending on how long my fingers let me type) and read about Andrew??

We seriously hit the jackpot when it comes to baybays. I could have been given a hellion.. I'm not sure what we did in life to deserve this boy. I wonder if all parents think like that no matter what temperament their child has. If Andrew was a horrible sleeper, didn't want to eat anything I put in front of his face, and cried all day long, would I still be thanking my lucky stars? Probably.

I'm sure I would. First of all. He has the cutest face I've ever laid my eyes on. For real. Look at it.

Even when he's sleepy. If fact, I'd argue it got even more adorable.

And homeboy can rock a mohawk.

Aside from be aesthetically pleasing, he's a pretty darn entertaining and such a sweet kid as well. We got the whole package with this one. Need examples? My pleasure!

The day after we came back from Ohio, he broke out with this pretty high fever. It reached up to 103.2 briefly and even at that high of a temp? He was a gem. In fact, he just got sweeter. He would still plaster a smile on his face. Still say "Ca" (read: car) over and over again while driving them around the house. And up the walls. Still looked at us like we hung the moon.

He's doing this sweet thing now where he carries his blankie with him when he gets up from sleeping. It gets left on the living room floor, so it's not like he has to drag it everywhere ala Charlie Brown, thank goodness, but he likes to have it in the general area. Occasionally throughout the day, he'll lay his head down on it, look at me and smile, and wait for me to croon "awww awww baby" at him. Love.

Naps and bedtime have gotten so easy. Seriously, new moms, start them on a routine (and do the same thing for naps and actual bedtime) and let them fall asleep on their own ASAP. It WILL pay off. He loves to go to bed. I bring him up and have always sung You are my Sunshine to him. Now, I can't even get all the way through the song before he is flinging his body back towards the crib and smiles when I put his blanket over him. Most of the time.. not a peep and he is out.

He hugs his stuffed animals and kisses his books all day.

He's definitely associated the word "dada" with his actual father and not the fan, window, or book. He even looks at me and says "baba". I know.. I know.. not the clear Mama I was looking for. But it's cute and I'll be his baba if he wants me to be.

His laughter while clapping is infectious.

While he's standing up, holding on to something.. if you start chanting "dance dance dance", he will happily oblige with a big grin. It's too funny.

I swear he is starting to sing with the songs on the radio. Of course, it just comes out as, "bllahhh goblah blahhhh, ludahludel ludelllll", but he has a certain pitch there that lets me know he's singing along.

He's playing a little bit of peekaboo on his own. And also trying to do the whole indian noise thing with his hand and mouth by himself. He can thank Auntie Vicky for that.

I'm just in love and it continues to amaze me every day how much more room I have in my heart than I thought I did. How in the world am I ever going to love the next one as much as him? My hearts going to grow out of my body if it finds as much space for him (yes, we're going to have another boy. Duh.)

While I sit and think more gushy thoughts over the little Drewsky, feel free to leave tips on getting him to stop bitch slapping his dear mother... other than a firm "NO" because apparently that is hilarious to a 1 year old.


Michelle A'etonu said...

he is such a cutie. i love his eyes!

C. E. Welch said...

Slap him back?

No! I'm just kidding! I swear! Hehe. Maybe it's time to start doing time-outs or something of that sort?

Mel said...

Ok, I can't stand how drool-worthy that kid is.

My mom said that you should simply put Drew down and walk away every time he hits you. If he sees hitting as something that makes you leave him, he will recognize that it's not OK.

Steve Finnell said...

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