September 22, 2011

Officially Fall... almost

Tomorrow marks the first official day of fall and I've finished my Fall Bucket List just in time!

When Katie first posted hers for all of us to not only oooooh and ahhhhhh over, but actually print it out as well, I was straight giddy. A Fall themed decoration that serves a purpose... bonus! I could hug her through the computer for giving me the adorable idea.

When I clicked on the link to print it out, I thought I'd be able to change the "to-do" items. You know.. make it my own without having to do any of the work? Not so much. Seems I was going to have to dig out my old computer skillz.

I love your ideas, Katie. I do. From the looks of it, you're going to have a few months worth of awesome family fun. But... I live in the desert. Beautiful, crunchy leaf piles? Not gonna happen for us. And while I love pies, I've only attempted to make one and it wasn't very fun for me. I'll leave that one alone too. So you see... I just needed to make my own list. But I'm ever so grateful for her posting her creativeness for the world to see so I can copy it :)

I also have no free printable to post like she did. Not because I'm not super nice like that... I.. umm.. don't know how to do that. If anyone does know how and is that interested, feel free to leave me directions. I don't mind sharing.

I can, however, show you what I did with mine. I have my dry erase marker ready for checking off all the fun things we have planned! Ta-daaaa -
That's a big picture. Good thing I just dusted!


JG said...

Well done!

e@thisnotedlife said...

hehe i totally oooo'd when i saw the picture :) :)

Jen said...

Very nice, love it!!

Mel said...

I love this - so cute and easy!

Does your fall list have my name somewhere on it? Because I visit in 27 days...just sayin'

C. E. Welch said...

I can bake a pie for you! I haven't done a crust from scratch in a while and need to get my baking skillz back.

You saw how much I decorate today. :) That's about the extent of it.

Shayla said...

LOVE it!!!