March 30, 2012

Old School - GIVEAWAY!

I was recently contacted by someone at Chick-Fil-A (I know right... Yes, I DO feel like I've made it in the blog world) to do a giveaway. They want to promote some of their new nutritious kid's meal. Heck, everyone knows Chick-Fil-A is like crack a little addicting, so they don't have to twist my arm!

Some healthier items that they've added to the list are the Grilled Nuggets (my mouth is water just typing that) and the Buddy Fruits brand squeezable applesauce. Add in some Low Fat Milk and you can feel pretty darn good about feeding your child on the go. Of course, you'll have to try extra hard to resist the fried goodness that is the #1 and go the grilled route as well to be a good example, but that's another story.

Chick-Fil-A also has a fun new app you can use to get some different ideas for games to play with the family.Just spin the wheel and play whatever little game you land on. Instant family fun. More appealing to me was the Old School Quiz. Brought me right back to my childhood and playing Kick the Can... until the street lights came on of course! LOL.. I'm still laughing at my results. Apparently, I am the bomb dot com (I may or may not say that exact phrase from time to time). It mentioned hearing the sound of the internet dialing up and Zack Morris - ahhhh I loved me some Zach!

It's all too much fun.

So hear's the deal -

I'm giving away THREE free kids' meals (!!!) and this is how you can win ( The first is necessary. Separate comments for each entry please):

1. Take the Old School Quiz above and leave a comment with your results. It's fun, I promise, and quick!
2. Become a follower or let me know that you are so already.
3. Follow me on Twitter (I'm new, I'm new! You can find my link on the sidebar) and tweet about the giveaway.

Simple as that! I'll announce my THREE winners Friday morning (the 6th). Have fun :)

*I was contacted by Chick-Fil-A to do this giveaway, but obviously we all love them and had I thought about it, would have donated a whole blog post to them anyways*


Charla Welch said...

I'm 42% Totally Tubular to the Max, and 41% Disco Dynamo. Only 17% The Bomb Dot Com.

Charla Welch said...

I already follow your blog. Funny that we live so close but this is how we keep up on each other's lives!

Charla Welch said...

Yeah, so, totally following you on Twitter now, too! I want to start using that more, which will probably happen when I get a smart phone.

Alaine88 said...

I am Bomb Dot Com!
family74014 at gmail dot com

Alaine88 said...

I am a gfc follower
family74014 at gmail dot com

Kristy said...

I'm all over the map:
41% Disco Dynamo
42% Totally Tubular to the Max
17% The Bomb Dot Com

Ha-ha! No wonder Charla and I are such good friends! ;P

Kristy said...

And I'm already a follower! (And avoiding Twitter like the plague - just like Pintrest!)

Ashley Gaetano said...

I'm Totally Tubular to the Max! I'm already a blog follower and now I'm following you on Twitter! (You'll have to give me some pointers...I'm no good at it. If you can not be "good at" social media *sigh*)

Amber said...

I am Totally Tubular to the Max at 42% while, I'm 40% Disco Dynamo, and 18% The Bomb Dot Com lolz.

I'm following you here, and soon will be following you on Twitter, even though I don't use it. :P

Jenn said...

It says I am the Bomb Dot Com! But I have varied results. ;) So awesome that Chick-fil-A contacted you! It is kinda the SAHM mecca here. And I still get the #1... and my kid may or may not get the little fried nuggets.... I swear we'll try grilled soon... ;) Shhh don't tell.

Jenn said...

And I follow you on GFC! :)

Mel said...

I'm a follower

Courtney said...

I am new to the blogging world. Hoping I learn some tips from you! but my results were 37% disco dynamo 43 % Totally Tubular to the Max and 20 % the bomb dot com. :)